Achievements are challenges or actions that a player can perform to receive achievement points. There is no current reward for obtaining achievement points. Achievement points are divided into two groups: Standard achievements and Progressive achievements.

A Standard achievement is a quick action that can be performed, such as "Chat for the first time". These achievements are represented by a single coal in your achievement menu, which becomes a diamond once you complete it. 

A progressive achievement requires you to have specific stats to unlock it, such as "Kill 20 players in Blitz Survival Games". These achievements are represented by a coal block, which becomes a diamond block once you complete them. Progressive achievements "stack", and get progressively larger over time. For example, the first tier of a Progressive achievement may ask you to kill 20 players, while the highest tier may ask you to kill 5,000 players.

- Cops and Crims Achievements

- Blitz Survival Games Achievements

- The Walls Achievements

- Paintball Achievements

- VampireZ Achievements

- Arcade Games Achievements

- Quakecraft Achievements

- Mega Walls Achievements

- TNT Games Achievements

- Arena Brawl Achievements

- Crazy Walls Achievements

- UHC Champions Achievements

- Warlords Achievements

- SkyWars Achievements

Turbo Kart Racers Achievements

- Smash Heroes Achievements

- Housing Achievements

- General Achievements 


  • Achievement points used to reward "perking" which gave a chance to receive double coins in a match. Each hundred of AP, up to 29 hundreds / 2900 AP gave you one percent chance to get this multiplier (example : having 755 AP would give you 7% chance of having a double coin). But it was removed the 31st of July 2014 : some achievements can be easier with (or need) bought store content, so the EULA forbid to get a coins multiplier with the points rewarded by these "store" achievements.
    • An example is Quakecraft's achievement for crafting the Apple Corer. Many of the parts required (with the 0.9s trigger being the exception) require ranks to obtain, thus requiring MVP to complete.

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