Aquamancer (Mage) Edit

  • Health: 4000
  • Energy: 140
  • Energy Regen: +10/sec
  • Energy Per Hit: +10
  • Damage: -20%

The Aquamancer is the last Mage class. It is weak in close combat but can heal and snipe from long range.

Water Bolt Edit

  • Energy Cost: 45

The primary Aquamancer skill. It has a range of 40 blocks. It explodes upon contact with a player/ground, healing all teammates and dealing minor damage to enemies caught in the blast radius. Also, hitting enemies restores 5 energy, meaning that you can spam this without having too much energy problems. This can get you to top healing too.

Water Breath Edit

  • Energy Cost: 30

The second Aquamancer skill. This skill is a healing only move. it heals you and teammates near for 500-700 health. It is quite useful in a big fight due to splash healing. The only effect it has on opponents is the knockback which would be useful in CTF to heal yourself and keep your distance

Time Warp Edit

  • Cooldown: 50 Seconds
  • Energy Cost: 15

The third Aquamancer skill is shared with the other two Mage specializations. The skill allows the player to place a rune on the ground which after five seconds the caster will return to and regain 20% of their max health. This spell is usefull in two situations: The first is when the caster is fleeing combat and is being pursued. Casting the rune allows the Aquamancer to teleport back behind his pursuers and run in another direction. The second is simply you took a little flak from a nearby battle and need to take a moment to grab a boost before returning to the fray. Either way, the skill essentially acts a get-out-of-jail-free card if used properly. But be warned: the rune left behind is rather obvious and a smart opponent will camp the rune to pick up an easy kill upon your return. Also if you put a rune down before you attempt to steal the flag, once you steal it you will be teleported back, giving you a running advantage. Use this wisely

Arcane Shield Edit

  • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
  • Energy Cost: 20

The Aquamancer's forth skill is also shared by the other Mage specializations. The skill creates a magical barrier that will absorb up to 30% of your max health in damage. The effect ends after six seconds or after the sheild has reached its damage capacity, whichever comes first. This skill essentially gives you more health for when you enter the fray or when running away from it.

Healing Rain Edit

  • Cooldown: 2 Minutes

This Ultimate Skill creates an area of rain that heals all allies within it for a few seconds. This is particularly useful in large group battles, and if used correctly, can easily give you top healing. If you use this in a big fight or on a capture point, your team will get in some words regen giving you and your team an advantage in battle.

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