In the Arcade Games, there are a total of 17 Achievements giving a total of 135 Achievement Points.


The 17 Achievements are:

Name Description Points
Partier Finish with 20 or more stars in Party Games. 10
Hssssss Survive until round 20 in Creeper Attack. 10
BACON!!! Capture a Super Bacon in Pig Fishing. 5
Superman Knock a player out using the Megapunch powerup in Throwout. 5
Khaleesi Kill a player while riding a dragon in Dragon Wars. 10
Getting an Upgrade Fully upgrade your sword, bow, and armor and Creeper Attack. 10
Spam Clicker Score 150 Points in HoeHoeHoe. 10
Inhumane Murder 50 animals in Animal Slaughter. 10
Oink. Kill 3 or more players with one rocket pig. 10
Farm Animal Survive a game of Farm Hunt disguised as an animal. 5
Fight Like a Man Kill your target in Bounty Hunters with your sword. 5
Pay the Iron Price Kill an Iron Golem in Creeper Attack. 5
Explosive Archer Kill 5 or more targets with one Explosive Arrow. 10
Bouncy Bounce Collect a Red Wool in Trampolinio. 5
Creeeep Survive Creeper Attack without dying. 10
Avalanche! Survive 18 rounds in Avalanche. 10
Batman Ride a bat in Punch The Bat. 5

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