There are 39 Achievements in Arena Brawl, giving a total of 395 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements Edit

Name Description Points
Cooldown Specialization Buy all Cooldown Combat Upgrades 10
Energy Specialization Buy all Energy Combat Upgrades 10
Flawless Victory Win with at least 2000 remaining in 2v2 5
Health Specialization Buy all Health Combat Upgrades 10
Life Pool Get the healing buff twice in a single game 5
Lucky Pig! Find the Guided Pig 2000 in the Magical Chest 15
Magical Shenanigans Open the Magical Chest for the first time 5
Melee Specialization Buy all Melee Combat Upgrades 10
Not Even Close, Baby! Win with 250 or less health remaining while being the only one alive in 2v2 5
Not today Destroy an enemy barricade 5
Offensive Training Unlock an Offensive Skill 5
Overkill Deal over 800 damage at once 5
Runic Enhancements Unlock a rune in the shop 5
Smash! Hit 2 players with a single Boulder Toss 5
Spartacus Kill someone with over 1250 rating in 2v2 10
Support Training Unlock a Support Skill 5
The Punisher Get the double damage buff twice in a single game 5
Totem Destroyer Destroy a healing totem 5
Ultimate Training Unlock an Ultimate Skill 5
Utility Training Unlock an Utility Skill 5
Working in Pairs Win with you and your partner being alive 5

Tiered AchievementsEdit

Name Tier Description Points
Bossed I Kill 10 players 5
II Kill 100 players 10
III Kill 250 players 15
IV Kill 1,500 players 20
V Kill 5,000 players 25
Climb the Ranks I Reach 1,100 rating 5
II Reach 1,200 rating 10
III Reach 1,300 rating 15
Gladiator  I Win 2v2 50 times 5
II Win 2v2 100 times 10
III Win 2v2 500 times 15
IV Win 2v2 1,000 times 20
V Win 2v2 5,000 times 25
Gotta Wear 'Em All I Collect 5 hats 5
II Collect 10 hats 10
III Collect 15 hats 15
IV Collect 20 hats 20
V Collect 25 hats 25