There are 52 Achievements in BedWars, giving a total of 535 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements Edit

Name Description


I don't need a bed!

Survive for 10 minutes without a bed. 10
Pointless Challenge Win a game without killing an enemy with a sword 5
Emerald Hoarder Collect at least 25 Emeralds in a game 10
Great lord of fire! Have 10 Fireballs in your inventory at the same time 5
First Blood Be the first player to kill an enemy 5
Iron Punch Get a kill with an Iron Golem 5
The Sniper Kill a player from at least 40 blocks away 10
Team Player Place an Emerald in your team chest 5
Builder Place over 200 blocks in a game 5
Diamond Hoarder Collect at least 50 Diamonds in a game 10
Shear Luck Kill a player with shears! 5
Super looter Obtain at least 20 Gold Ingots from enemies in a game 10
Alchemist Buy 10 Potions in a game 5
Dragon Slayer Kill an Ender Dragon 10
Getting the job done Destroy half of the beds in one game 15
Geared up! Purchase the Diamond armor & sword 5
Survivor Win a game without dying 10
Strategist Purchase the Reinforced Armor IV team upgrade 10
Already over? Win a game within 10 minutes 10
Merciless Final Kill 5 enemies in one game 5
Golem's Rose Kill 5 enemy Golems  10
You can't trap me! Destroy a bed within 10 seconds of activating the enemy trap 5
The Ultimate Defense Place 8 Obsidian blocks around your bed 5
Speedy Bridger! Be the first player to obtain an Emerald from the middle island 5

Tiered Achievements Edit

Name Tier Description Points
Bed Removal I Destroy 10 Beds 5
II Destroy 25 Beds 10
III Destroy 100 Beds 15
IV Destroy 250 Beds 20
V Destroy 500 Beds 25
Crate Looter I Open 10 Loot Chests 5
II Open 25 Loot Chests 10
III Open 100 Loot Chests 15
IV Open 250 Loot Chests 20
V Open 500 Loot Chests 25
Road to Prestige I Reach 5 Bed Wars Level 5
II Reach 25 Bed Wars Level 10
III Reach 50 Bed Wars Level 15
IV Reach 75 Bed Wars Level 20
V Reach 100 Bed Wars Level 25
Victory Dancer I Win 25 games 5
II Win 75 games 10
III Win 200 games 15
IV Win 500 games 20
V Win 1,000 games 25

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