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Bedwars is a Prototype gamemode where you basically have a bed to protect and players to eliminate. If you are killed, you will respawn if your bed was not destroyed by another player. A player is eliminated when their bed is destroyed and he/she is killed. You can gather Iron and Gold in the forge at your spawn island to buy items like blocks, armor, tools, utility, and weapons. Emeralds can be obtained at the central island or in upgraded forges, which can be used to buy more powerful items. Diamonds are found on side islands and are used to upgrade things like your armor protection, weapon sharpness, and your forge.

Armor Edit

Chainmail Leggings and Boots: 40 iron (kept after death)

Iron Leggings and Boots: 12 gold (kept after death)

Diamond Leggings and Boots: 6 emeralds (kept after death)

Weapons Edit

Wooden Sword: Obtained when a player spawns/respwans

Stone Sword: 10 iron

Iron Sword: 7 gold

Diamond Sword : 4 emeralds

Blocks Edit

16 Wool: 4 iron

16 Sandstone: 12 iron

12 Endstone: 24 iron

16 Ladders: 4 iron

16 Oak Wood Planks: 4 gold

4 Obsidian: 4 emeralds

Potions Edit

Potion of Speed: 1 emerald

Potion of Leaping: 1 emerald

Potion of Invisibility: 1 emerald

Strategies/Tips and Tricks Edit

-Rushing the center can be a risky but rewarding option. Emeralds can be obtained there, which are used to buy powerful items from the shop, but keep in mind that the central area is heavily contested. If you are rushing the middle, be sure to do so early on in the game.

-When rushing other islands, never leave your bed unprotected. Invaders may take advantage of your absence and destroy your bed.

-Diamonds could also be a good resource to go after, as it is easier to obtain than emeralds and can be used to upgrade certain statistics.


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