In Blitz Survival Games, there are a total of 35 Achievements giving a total of 410 Achievement Points.

Achievements Edit

The 35 Achievements are:

Name Description Points
Blitz Banker I Earn 5000 coins in Blitz 5
Blitz Banker II Earn 10000 coins in Blitz 10
Blitz Banker III Earn 35000 coins in Blitz 15
Blitz Banker IV Earn 55000 coins in Blitz 20
Blitz Banker V Earn 75000 coins in Blitz 25
One Man Army I Win 10 games 5
One Man Army II Win 100 games 10
One Man Army III Win 250 games 15
One Man Army IV Win 500 games 20
One Man Army V Win 1200 games 25
Blitz Slayer I Kill 10 players 5
Blitz Slayer II Kill 100 players 10
Blitz Slayer III Kill 1000 players 15
Blitz Slayer IV Kill 5000 players 20
Blitz Slayer V Kill 12000 players 25
HORSEEEYYY Spawn a horse 10
Play with the YouTuber Play a game with a YouTuber 10
IMPOSIBRU Win without looting any chest 10
First Blood Get the first kill in a game 10
#pigrider77 Ride a pig during deathmatch 5
BURN THEM ALL! Use Apocalypse Blitz 10
Ooh...Magic! Enchant a sword 10
Shieldwall Wear a fully enchanted armor set 10
Speed Kills Kill two people before you get your kit 10
It all begins here Play Blitz for the first time 5
ADMIN ABOOSE Fine codename_B or hypixel's head 10
Can't Decide! Purchase one level of at least 7 kits 15
So powerful... Find a Blitz Star 10
Hoarder Fill up your inventory 5
Lucky #7 Get a kit to level 7 15
Raised by Wolves Use the WolfTamer kit 5
My Precious Obtain a Diamond Sword 10
Immortal Win before the deathmatch 10
Pounded Kill someone with the 1 Pound Fish 10
Peeta Mellark Craft bread 5

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