"Capable of smashing anything that stands in front of him, he is one of the world's most fearsome Heroes. Try not to anger him..."

-In-Game Smash Hero Description

Hero Type: Melee
Acquisition: Free

Bulk Throw: Throws a car out in front of you. It travels in an arc, and is heavily affected by gravity, giving it a rather low range. It deals 8 damage and large knockback to anything hit. It also pierces enemies.

You can use this with Bulk Charge to release burst damage upon your opponent. But you're at the risk of having no recovery tools.

Bulk Charge: Dash forward to where you're looking very fast. Hit enemies with it for damage.

Bulk Smash: Bulk flies upwards into the air and then hurls himself down onto the ground. Hitting the ground hits everyone in a 5 block radius for 12 damage and good knockback.

Bulk Smash is very hard to hit with as the area-of-effect only hits players on the ground. A good strategy is to use Bulk Charge to hit someone who ran out of range. Using it under a roof causes it to hit rapidly, making it potentially devastating.

Bulk Smash can also be used as a great recovery tool. The initial use will send you upwards by about 14 blocks, then you can use Bulk Charge to go more vertically or horizontally.

Bulk Slam: When you hit the ground after double jumping, consume 70 energy to hit people in a 5 block radius for damage and knockback. If you have no energy, you land as normal.

Use this with Bulk Charge to maximize it's damage and knockback.