"This pastry-loving monster has one dream and one dream only. He wishes to become the world's most renowned chef!"

-In-Game Smash Hero Description


(You can left-click with your pin to deal 5 damage to targets in front of you)

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'Right Click' - Swing Pin: Propels you forward, dealing 8 damage to opponents in front of you. Swing Pin also pushes your opponents away.

'Secondary' - Regurgicake: Shoots forward 6 cakes, dealing 2 damage with each successful hit with limited range, reduces incoming damage for 3 seconds by 5% with each hit. Hitting an enemy with regurgicake will also reset swing pin's cooldown.

'Smash' - Cake Storm: Similar to Regurgicake, Cake Storm constantly shoots cakes in front of Cake Monster, dealing damage to targets. Cake Storm cakes have a larger range than Regurgicake cakes, but deal the same damage. Hitting an enemy with cake storm will instantly reset swing pin's cooldown.

'Passive' - Defecake: Using 50 energy, Cake Monster explodes vertically and forward, dealing damage to enemies behind him with a cake as you use Defecake.

Cake Monster Tips:

  1. Swing Pin pushes you forwards when you use it. Regurgicake does the same to a lesser degree. These moves should be used when you fall off of the map to get yourself back on, as well as Defecake.
  2. Try to stay close to your opponents when using Regurgicake. If you can maximize the cakes you hit them with, then they will take more damage and knockback.
  3. Keep a sense of where the stage is at all times when using Swing Pin, and avoid running off with it.
  4. When you have a Cake Storm that you aren't using, wait until you get an opponent against a wall. If they can't move easily, Cake Storm can deal massive damage to your opponents, especially when combined with Swing Pin, Regurgicake, or basic attacks.
  5. Don't neglect the damage that Defecake deals. While less than similar passives such as Tinman's Overload, Defecake can still be used as an end to a combo.
  6. Unlike other classes, Cake Monster should be used to run into a group, combo off with basic attacks, Swing Pin, or Regurgicake, and then rapidly leave. Cake Monster can easily break up clumps of other players.


Cake Monster has a similar appearance to "Cookie Monster" from the Jim Henson show Sesame Street.

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