"This pastry-loving monster has one dream and one dream only. He wishes to become the world's most renowned chef!"

(You can left-click with your pin to deal 5 damage to targets in front of you)


'Right Click' - Swing Pin: Propels you forward, dealing 8 damage to opponents in front of you. Swing Pin also pushes your opponents away.

'Secondary' - Regurgicake: Shoots forward 6 cakes, dealing 2 damage with each successful hit with limited range, reduces incoming damage for 3 seconds by 5% with each hit. Hitting an enemy with regurgicake will also reset swing pin's cooldown.

'Smash' - Cake Storm: Similar to Regurgicake, Cake Storm constantly shoots cakes in front of Cake Monster, dealing damage to targets. Cake Storm cakes have a larger range than Regurgicake cakes, but deal the same damage. Hitting an enemy with cake storm will instantly reset swing pin's cooldown.

'Passive' - Defecake: Using 50 energy, Cake Monster explodes vertically and forward, dealing damage to enemies behind him with a cake as you use Defecake.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Swing Pin pushes you forwards when you use it. Regurgicake does the same to a lesser degree. These moves should be used when you fall off of the map to get yourself back on, as well as Defecake.
  • Try to stay close to your opponents when using Regurgicake. If you can maximize the cakes you hit them with, then they will take more damage and knockback.
  • Keep a sense of where the stage is at all times when using Swing Pin, and avoid running off with it.
  • When you have a Cake Storm that you aren't using, wait until you get an opponent against a wall. If they can't move easily, Cake Storm can deal massive damage to your opponents, especially when combined with Swing Pin, Regurgicake, or basic attacks.
  • Don't neglect the damage that Defecake deals. While less than similar passives such as Tinman's Overload, Defecake can still be used as an end to a combo.
  • Unlike other classes, Cake Monster should be used to run into a group, combo off with basic attacks, Swing Pin, or Regurgicake, and then rapidly leave. Cake Monster can easily break up clumps of other players.


  • Cake Monster has a similar appearance to "Cookie Monster" from the Jim Henson show Sesame Street.