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Cats is category of 8 pets - variations of cat/ocelot in different colors and/or sizes.

Variations Edit

3 cats belong to 'Common' pets - Black (Cooked Fish icon), Red (Cooked Salmon icon) and Siamese (Clownfish icon). Black cat is black fur with white legs and lower body with green eyes. Red cat is ginger and white and also has green eyes. Siamese cat has blue eyes, unlike the rest. This cat's fur is gray and white. 'Common Cats' can be "crafted" with 12 Mystery dust or by opening Mystery Boxes.

3 cats belong to the 'Rare' pets. They are same color variations as the common cats, but unlike common cats - babies. Apperance and icons are identical. 'Rare Cats' can be "crafted" with 30 Mystery dust or by opening Mystery Boxes.

2 cats belong to 'Other' pets - Wild Ocelot and Wild Ocelot (Baby). These two pets are obtained with rank VIP+ (or higher). They are marked with 'Raw Fish'.

Favourite Consumables Edit

All variations have same favourite consumables:

  • Hunger: Fish
  • Thirst: Milk
  • Exercise: Ball

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