MVP+ $150 - This is the 4th and final donator rank, It costs $150. This rank is not alike from others as its step up is $75 instead of $25. If you purchased this before August 1st 

 you get:

All perks from VIP and VIP+

  • (5x) Coins Gain in all Games
  • Mob Gun in Lobbies; Shoot explosive mobs
  • Particle Pack, be shiny! Command /pp
  • Ability to ride AND control your pets (except the horse)
  • Alerts people when you join a lobby with a chat message.
  • Ability to uppercut staff members, just punch them!
  • Change your equipment in the lobbies with the Wardrobe
  • Access to a peaceful survival world with staff members (type /mvp)
  • Early testing access to some future features and projects
  • [MVP+] Aqua Tag

Note: After August 1st, you do not a coin multiplier

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