Pages in this category show a list of the rules used on the Hypixel network, forums and this wiki. Inserting false information on these pages will result in a (temporary or permanent) block from editing the wiki, so before editing, make sure that your information is correct.

Hypixel Network

Official Rules


All rules that are listed on this thread are now in effect as of October 2013 and apply to all ranks on the Hypixel Network. The following rules apply to the Hypixel Minecraft Servers,TeamSpeak, and Forums. All of the chat rules apply to any of our chat systems we have, an example of this would be private message or guild chat.

All users are to read and follow these rules to avoid the punishment of kick or ban. If for any reason a rule needs to be changed or modified, the Hypixel Administration has the right to do so.

Using an alternate account to avoid punishment such as a mute or ban is prohibited on the Hypixel network. If caught doing this, your ban/mute may be extended and the alternate account will be banned.''

This also includes posting links to inappropriate content (e.g. adult content). As mentioned before, we do have young players on the network, and they should not be exposed to such content.

Respect All Users RAU - Respect All Users, we are all human and we all like the Hypixel Network. Please be respectful and kind to others while playing games, or even lounging in lobbies. Forum respect will be enforced, do not write something that will be considered rude, it does hurt someone’s feelings in the end. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and will result in a ban. We will NOT allow the following:

- Racism - Sexism - Ageism - Remarks about Disabilities - Religion Or any other kinds of Discrimination

You are allowed to speak different languages on the Hypixel Network. However, Keep in mind that its the best to talk English when you ask a staff member for help because they might not speak your language.  All chat rules are affecting any language, Breaking the chat rules in different languages will still lead into punishment.

Respect Youtubers
We always look towards YouTubers as public figures, and we know that many of them often play on the network, and some of them are our friends as well. Therefore, we should treat them nicely and let them play on even grounds just like any normal player. We do not ask you to stop playing with/against them, but try to not discourage them from playing by constantly putting a target on YouTubers and defeating them as a guild or as a group(note that many of these people aren’t professional players). It is also worth noting that the publicity of the network depends on the content being streamed/uploaded by them, and constantly trying to crush them competitively as a guild will discourage them from streaming or uploading further content on the server.

Aside from benefiting the network, treating the YouTuber or streamer fairly will also benefit you, as shoutouts or stream coverage can be dedicated towards you and your guild in a positive manner (win-win!). Therefore, help all of us and yourself by treating the YouTubers and streamers fairly and not try to constantly targeting and defeating them as a guild. Keep in mind that constant attempts to target, competitively defeat, and discourage YouTubers/streamers from playing as a guild may be reported and can result in bans and a varying amount of coins removed from the guild, depending on the severity of the situation.

For information about getting the Youtuber rank click here

Giveaways Any giveaway that gives an item that is bought from the Hypixel Store (Ranks, Booster, etc...) has to be approved by @JamieTheGeek. The exception to this is giveaways of Mystery Boxes given away via the gifting system which does not need approval (provided they are purchased on your account and given from that to the giveaway winner). If your giveaway requires approval, you can obtain this by contacting him via conversation (please note this can take a while, so please make sure to do this as early as possible).

Any giveaway where the prize is not something purchased from the Hypixel Store is ok, and you do not require approval for these giveaways.

Minecraft account are strictly not allowed. Optifine cape giveaway are also not allowed, since selling capes is against the EULA and we do not support this practice. 

We also do not currently allow the giveaway of physical items (things which need to be posted) on the website due to privacy concerns surrounding the sharing of personal information, including real names and addresses.

If you find someone doing a giveaway of something which requires approval without a screenshot of an approval message from JamieTheGeek or a pending approval notice (the thread should be treated as closed until approved), don't participate and report them to a moderator by using the report button below the thread please.

Guild Punishment If any player were to use modified/hacked clients with intentions to present an unfair advantage in earning coins for said player’s guild, the player will be banned (temporarily or permanently) in addition to the removal of certain amount of coins from the player’s guild. If a Youtuber/Streamer is complaining about a guild targeting them repeatedly, and they show proof of it happening, the guild may suffer punishment and a possibility of guild disband.

TeamSpeak Rules Rules that are listed above are still enforced in the TeamSpeak server, do not think that only the rules below apply to you on TeamSpeak. Please read the rules below that relate to the Hypixel TeamSpeak.

- Playing Loud Music or Sound files is forbidden, unless approved by all users in the channel. - Using a voice changer is not allowed. - Names that can be considered offensive or inappropriate are not allowed. - Voice Recording on TeamSpeak without user agreement or staff agreement is considered forbidden in all events. In some countries/states it is considered illegal to record voice without the user’s permission. (We do not take responsibility for your actions.) - Tags in usernames such as [MVP] are not permitted. - Trolling, Screaming, or acting childish will not be tolerated. - Switching Channels continuously is considered spam, don’t do it. - Do not annoy or bother the staff members too much!

Failure to follow TeamSpeak Rules will result in a kick or ban from the Hypixel Teamspeak server. Your actions on TeamSpeak can also result into a ban on the Hypixel Network.

Offensive Skins are not Permitted Skins that are offensive or sexually explicit are not permitted on the Hypixel Network. Everyone using a skin of such nature will be warned at first sight, but further consequences may follow if use of the skin is continued.

Offensive Capes are not Permitted Capes that have offensive or sexually explicit content are not permitted on the Hypixel Network. As capes are an extension of your skin, inappropriate capes will be treated the same as inappropriate skins. Everyone using a cape of this kind will be warned first, if you do not change or remove the cape then further action will be taken.

We are aware that players can be bought capes without their knowledge and they can be offensive. In this case, if you are warned by a member of staff that you have an offensive cape on, we will require you to take it off. If not then you will be punished in the same way.

Offensive Usernames are not Permitted Usernames that could be considered offensive like, sexual topics, bad words or distasteful are forbidden. If you don't follow that rule you will be permanently banned from the server. Please don't forget that we want a server family friendly.

Client Modifications The use of Minecraft client modifications on the Hypixel Network is strictly moderated and monitored. While some types of modifications are allowed, please keep in mind that you are responsible for all activity on your account even if you are unaware that a modification is interfering in any way.

What is a Blacklisted Modification? Anything which gives a significant advantage to players in-game is a blacklisted modification. Also, modifications which alter the way that your client sends data to the server are strictly disallowed, even if they fall into an allowed category.

Categories of Allowed Modifications

  • Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. FPS improvement mods).
  • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders modifications).
  • Armor and status effect hud modifications.
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications.
  • Minimap modifications, provided they do not show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems.You can find a list of allowed modifications in a thread here.

Any other categories of modifications should be treated as disallowed. This includes modifications such as sprint modifications, LabyMod and macros*.

* Macros and key rebinding are not the same thing! You are allowed to rebind keys within Minecraft to any button, including any additional buttons you may have on your mouse. You are not allowed to use macros, which include things such as automated clickers and mapping chat or commands to buttons, regardless of if it is a Minecraft modification or external application.

Cheating or Exploiting will get you Banned!
This includes:
- Using any form of Hacked Client which gives an unfair advantage against other players.
- Using any of the disallowed modifications found above.
- Exploiting any kind of Bug or Glitch.

Report all bugs relating to the Hypixel Network here.

Inappropriate Housing Content Like the rest of the server, content which is created in housing must be appropriate, meaning that it should not be offensive, discriminatory or generally inappropriate in any other ways. This includes buildings, signs, chat, etc. If a staff member finds that your housing plot does contain inappropriate content, they may reset your plot entirely if you do not / cannot remove the offensive material.

To note, while we also allow most forms of role play in housing, dating and marriage role playing is not allowed on the server due to it's close links with far more inappropriate, adult forms of role play.

Rules for Non-Staff Members Currently there are quite a lot of problems with people getting annoyed at being told what to do by a non-staff member, on top of this there is also a lot of you wondering how you can become a staff member if you keep getting told off for helping. Well here are some guidelines/rules for you to follow to stop this confusion from happening.

You can answer players questions, there is nothing wrong with that. However, don't answer questions if you are unsure on the answer, it's not minigame related or it’s not directed at you. It’s okay to answer questions such as “how to equip a hat” “how to join minigames” etc, basically any information that can be spotted on signs around lobbies or under /help. Answering questions on how to buy VIP, upgrade to VIP+ or even where to report players or bugs is acceptable, but once again if you are unsure please remember to not give an answer in that case. There is nothing worse than giving out the wrong information as it just causes problems at a later date.

You cannot be rude to any other person even if they're being rude to you, treat people with respect you don’t know what the situation is at the other end. On top of this you can’t be giving out orders regarding the rules, for example “STOP SPAMMING” there should be a staff member in that lobby, a helper is a staff member even if their role is to help they're still staff and have commands to control these situations. If the staff member in your lobby isn’t responding to a question or isn't dealing with said rule breaker, and its now been 20-30 seconds of a user spamming an IP or breaking a rule, try /msg to the staff member or better yet screenshot what is going wrong and report it here.

You can also seek another staff member from a different lobby, but please don't take the situation into your own hands and try telling them what to do, it tends to make the situation worse. Some staff members are using macros to answer some of the more common questions such as “where can i donate?”. If you aren't a staff member we don’t want you using macros, since it can cause unnecessary spam with yourself and the staff member answering the question at the same time. It can also be a problem if you use the wrong macro as that leads to false information. Staff members shouldn’t need to be racing to answer questions in case a player gets there first, this itself can cause mistakes and we want you guys to be enjoying the minigames. So you really want to be a staff member or know someone who does? You aren't going to impress the staff if you are annoying them by beating them to the post, causing problems by giving out the wrong information or even telling others what to do when you shouldn’t be.

You can impress us by helping when a staff member appears to be AFK, answering the smaller general questions, reporting rule breakers on the forums, being on the TeamSpeak server often and talking. If a staff member asks you to ease it up a little don't be offended its for all the best reasons, just be polite about it and maybe move to another lobby. Causing commotion or an argument with a staff member will put you on their bad books, lowering your chances. The staff team is one huge family in a way, meaning if you annoy one it will spread badly to the others.

Someone who isn't liked by staff members won't get accepted as it will cause friction which we can't have among staff. It’s not fun for the staff when they have players running around yelling at them for doing their job, we are volunteers and we are here to help and moderate that is what we have been chosen for. All we ask is that you don’t take the fun away for us but instead start to help us, if you are unsure be sure to /msg any moderator if you have concerns on what you can and can’t do.

The Hypixel Network Rules are subject to change at anytime, you are responsible for keeping up to date with them. The Hypixel Administration has the right to add, remove or modify any and all items on the list of rules and regulations. Thank you for reading the rules and following them.


- Photos must not contain any nudity or sexual reference, meaning no fake anime girl or real photos that fall under the category of pornography. - Photos must not contain any reference to drugs or alcohol, we do not want to advertise any product that might be offensive or inappropriate on the Hypixel Website. - Photos must not encourage violence, racism, or any misconduct. Please keep in mind that any sign that relates to these categories are not allowed. - Photos or Selfies you find on the Internet are not allowed to be uploaded as your avatar. Meaning you cannot impersonate other people on here by posting a fake photo of “yourself”.


Requirements You are expected to comply with the following guidelines. All users who do not follow the guidelines will be dealt as such stated at the bottom of this post.

What can you hyperlink? Signatures cannot have any links in them that contain harmful cyber trash such as but not limited to viruses, harmful cookiesor account stealers (phishing). You ARE allowed to advertise your social media pages, as long as it follows our network rules and other guidelines. Any signatures with animated images (.gif) or videos that contain flashing lights are not allowed, as these can cause seizures and can be harmful to other users. Non flashy animated images are allowed. Dragon Cave or similar sites that contain clickable pets, Internets or karma are allowed.

Videos in spoilers Signatures can only contain videos if they are wrapped in spoiler tags. Videos must be appropriate for all audiences and follow our network rules and guidelines regardless of whether or not it is in a spoiler.

Common courtesy Please remember that every user that has signatures enabled can see yours. This means to use the space wisely knowing that it will not be only you who sees it. Having too many animations or wasting space with list will annoy others. Use your signature to let people know who you are, or to share social media with them. Many people love to show off achievements too. Attacking a person or featuring a user in your signature should only be done with their permission. We don't want signature wars on our server.

What will happen if the guidelines are not followed? Most of the time, if a user does not follow these guidelines, they will receive a message from a staff member letting them know, and asking them to change it.


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