VIP $25- This is one of ranks that you can acquire by donating to the server here and if purchased before August 1st, 2014 it comes with the following perks:

  • 2x Coins gain in all mini-games
  • A green name in chat
  • Exclusive access to VIP only lounge
  • Access to beta testing of future mini-games
  • Access to some future beta adventure maps
  • Access to /head command, which allows you to wear someone else's head!
  • Access to /fw command, which throws fireworks (15 second cooldown).
  • [VIP] tag in chat
  • Ability to /fly in the main lobby!
  • Ability to /surface in The Walls
  • Ability to /shout 3 times in The Walls
  • Your furnaces and chests are protected in The Walls
  • Get 6 hours limit on adventures instead of 4 hours as the party leader
  • VIP Exclusive kits in Blitz Survival Games are available
  • VIP Exclusive hats in Paintball are available
  • TNT Wizards Class: Wither Wizard is available
  • Ability to join FULL and VIP restricted game servers
  • Priority in tournaments and events
  • 3,500 coins for every gamemode
  • 1,000 Hypixel Credits
  • Helps us keep the server alive :)

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