A lot of Hypixel players feel like there are hackers or cheaters that exploit the game and kill them in an unfair way. Find common hack types here in case you believe there is a real hacker. To report a hacker in the server you can either message an available staff member or use /watchdogreport (username) [type of hack] (You can also use /wdr instead). The /report command has been removed as it was abused and became very inefficient. Additionally you can also report hackers at We will also teach you how to decide whether a player is a hacker or not. However, a lot of hacks are installed in a hacked client, so you will rarely encounter people having ONLY anti-knockback. The hacked clients also allow players to turn on and off their hacks.

Types of HacksEdit

The abbreviation that follows the hack is what you should type in to report someone for that hack. If no abbreviation is listed, that means the hack is not identifiable by Watchdog at that time. If the hack has an '*' next to it, it means it's still able to be detected by Watchdog, but there is no abbreviation.

1. Anti-Knockback (AntiKB): This hack does what it says. It prevents people from taking knockback from swords and projectiles. This is most commonly seen in Skywars or any game where the void is a massive killer. Be careful however, Hypixel's knock back is very weird and some hacked clients have AntiKB that only reduces the amount, so if you see someone take a small amount of knockback don't automatically assume they are hacking.

2. Killaura (KA): Killaura is a type of combat hack that automatically hits all entities (it may be customizable on some clients) in a certain range. Killaura is usually identified by range, but it's possible to identify it by how fast the hacker is clicking too. If the person is clicking really really fast and consistently, it's obvious.

3. Autoclicker*: It's name is also self-explanatory. Autoclicker is a hack that, when pressing the left button on their mouse, lets them hit again and again without having to click. They just hold their hand on the mouse and it just keeps clicking again and again. It's most commonly used in PvP games.

4. Fly*: It's pretty easy to spot this type of hack. The fly hacks lets hackers fly around, like creative fly. Luckily, fly hacking is pretty much blocked on Hypixel, thanks to Watchdog, so no need to worry.

5. Speed (Bhop)*: Speed is a hack that lets you run faster than you can normally run in Minecraft. Usually, Watchdog rubberbands most speed hackers, but it's possible a client can bypass it. This is most commonly seen with the hack 'Bunnyhop'

6. Spider: This hack lets you climb walls.

7. Dolphin: This is a hack that occurs when in water. The player constantly bounces up over and over again, which is why the name of the hack is Dolphin.

How to Spot a Hacker Edit

1. Anti-Knockback:

This hack is mostly used in SkyWars and in Walls, because it can be very useful when skybasing or bridging. Those hackers are quite intellectually advanced to spot when fighting them; your attacks will not deal death, meaning they can run straight into you when they have got better sniffer sensors.

-Hacker: If a shot arrow or snowballs does not deal enough death to a person to cause their demise, then you can be very sure it is an anti-knockback mineman. It is quite hard to spot them in a team fight, but if you see a person landing while from behind, it is guaranteed to be a hacker. If someone always takes a consistently below-average amount of knock back but doesn't appear to be lagging, you could bet on them having only reduced settings on their client. Someone only moving about a quarter block certainly isn't obvious, but is likely hacking.

-Not hacker : If a person does not fall off of a PVP arena with one gun shot at him, it could be because of the item not dealing enough knockback. Platforms larger then 3 blocks in the direction of the shot projectile are never enough to prevent a player from falling off. Furthermore, if you can run away from a player after a fight, he or she probably isn't a hacker because a hacker would chase you and attempt to kill you.

2. KillAura/KA:

This hack is very common across the entire network, particularly in games where PvP gives a big advantage, there are also various settings for KA, such as range, hit/miss ratio, hit speed, hit speed difference (in some clients), targeting mobs, targeting invisible players, etc.

If a player doesn't appear to be swinging at certain players or their teammates it's likely built into the client or a friend system. The easiest ways to spot someone hacking with KA are to either catch them while they are distracted (while they are still and you move into range, their head will suddenly spin onto you and keep hitting you until you leave the range), or to 2v1 or team up on them so you can catch their head snapping in between the players.

Common other hacks included with KA are reach (some clients allow players to set their KA to hit even above 7 blocks away), AutoClicker, and Aimbot which can be included if you decide to /wdr the player.

3. Autoclicker

Commonly seen in collaboration with KA or aimbot, auto clicker is usually built into hacked clients but also can be used with external, non-Minecraft programs or hardware modifications to the user's mouse.

This is usually easily detectable, either a player with a high CPS (you can hear the hits) or a player with a very consistent CPS who doesn't seem to tire.

Someone with 20 CPS might seem like they're hacking, but of course they could be using specific techniques like jitter-clicking, drag-clicking, butterfly, etc. however the best way to see if they are legit is to see if they tire. Clicking at such a speed requires effort and a human will in most cases be unable to maintain the CPS.

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