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Cops and Crims is based off the popular eSports shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Using a custom resource pack automatically sent for you to download, both teams arm themselves with guns, pistols, and even grenades.

Using a mixture of tactics and skill you must either defend the bomb sites or infiltrate the sites and plant the bomb. At the beginning of each round you can buy yourself weapons from the store.

Cops and Crims is a shooter minigame that was officialy released October 28, 2014 on the Hypixel Network. The minigame has two different teams, the Cops and the Crims (Criminals) fighting against each other using guns and grenades while trying to complete a certain objective.



When the game starts, all players will be split into two teams, the Cops or the Crims (Criminals). The Criminal's objective is to escort the bomb (C4) carrier to Bombsite A or B. The person who receives the bomb is completely random every round. Once the bomb is planted on one of the sites the Criminals have to prevent it from getting defused by the Cops. Once the bomb explodes the Criminals win. They can also win by killing all the Cops. The Cops' objective is to kill all the Criminals and prevent them from planting the bomb. If they manage to plant the bomb, your team has to then defuse the bomb before the timer runs out.

Note: you can drop the bomb by hitting 'Q' if you're the bomb carrier, and upon death, you drop the weapon in the primary slot and a defusal kit (unless you did not buy one), unless you do not have a gun in the primary slot in which you will drop your pistol and a defusal kit (unless you did not buy one).

Team DeathmatchEdit

When the game starts, all players will also be split into the same two teams as in Defusal Mode. This time the objective is to reach 1000 points faster than the enemy team. Points are earned through killing other players and completing challenges. Note that different guns give different amount of points (e.g. the M4 gives 7 points and the USP gives 24). Challenges require you to kill a player(s) with specific weapons in 60 seconds. Unlike Defusal Mode, upon death you can respawn an infinite amount of times and also keep your weapon that you purchased on death, you will also be slightly invulnerable for a few seconds upon respawning, until you move or fire a gun. All weapons and grenades can also be purchased for free.


Name Mode Description
Alleyway Defusal & Team Deathmatch To be written!
Atomic Defusal & Team Deathmatch A nuclear research facility with radioactive technology, where players can roam the roofs and inside the facility itself. Based of the Nuke map in the Counter-Strike series.
Carrier Defusal & Team Deathmatch To be written!
Overgrown Defusal To be written!
Sandstorm Defusal & Team Deathmatch A desert town with the bomb sites near the Cop spawn point. You cannot open the doors into the buildings.
Temple Defusal & Team Deathmatch To be written!


Resource Pack: The rescource pack is download (via Server Recource pack) to make counter-strike like texturesEdit

Bomb Mechanics:Edit

The bomb is a chest that says C4 and has a textbox with a number floating on top of it. The number says when the bomb would blow up in seconds. If you open the chest, a menu for a large chest opens up unless you have the Defusal Kit 9000 (or something like that) and it will be only a normal chest. The large/normal chest menu would have wires of different colors of blue, yellow and red and empty motherboards. You have to click all the red wires. If you click anything else, you would have to restart. The Defusal Kit 9000 would make this easier because there is a smaller amount of wires.

Tip: A person super good at defusing that has a kit can defuse a bomb in 3 seconds. It's highly unlikely, but the writer has done it before to an unwary criminal team. Guard the bomb.

Defusal Economy:Edit

In "Pistol Round" (the first round) you start off with $800. You gain money for every kill you get, $300 for most guns, $900 for Pump Action, $600 for MP5 and $100 for 50 Cal (which you should never buy, because it sucks). The next round, you keep the money you earned and leftover money from last round. This goes on until 4 rounds has passed, where the teams will switch and you'll be back at Pistol Round. You can tell when this happens because a sound will pop up saying "Swapping Sides..."

Tip: Never use or buy a 50 Cal. They're expensive, and they have a lower DPS compared to ANY OTHER GUN. Never use one unless there is literally no other weapon except for a USP.

Tip: Unless you keep having close range encounters, try not to buy the Pump Action unless it is upgraded a ton. If you keep landing headshots, it should be ok, but try not to buy one.

Tip: Try to save at least $500 each round, and buy an AK47 if you are not that accurate, and an M4 if you can snipe with a rifle. If you cannot buy either, get an MP5 because it has a very high fire rate and the biggest clip.

Tip: Try to buy a helmet beacuse most shots people land are headshots, and without headgear, they oneshot.

TDM Challenges:Edit

In TDM the first challenge that pops up is "Get 1 Kill with X Weapon in 60 seconds", and you gain 10 points if you win, and your team gets probably 50 points if they have more people that completed it. The next challenge is "Get the most kills with X weapon in 60 seconds", and the gun will have a +5 addition to points, and the team with more kills with that weapon will gain another 50 points. After that, it becomes "Get X kills with X weapon in 60 seconds", and X is normally 2, 3, or 4 depending on the weapon. Whoever completes it first gains 50 points.

Note: if teams tie, it is a draw and both teams get 10 points.

Tip: Buy a grenade to start out with, and throw it up vertically when the game starts. You will teleport randomly and you will also complete a challenge (Grenade Challenge Completed! +2400 Hypixel XP). You can ambush unwary people this way by spawning where no one can reach at that time period.


The shop has upgrades that you can purchase with Coins. You can upgrade all of your weapons, armor and even your own character here. Cosmetic radio commands and miscellaneous sprays are also purchasable.

Weapon & Armor SpecializationsEdit

A specialization is actually a specific weapon upgrade. You can upgrade many different parameters of a weapon of your choice. You can find all the weapons, their specialization stats, the cost along with some tips and tricks in the Cops and Crims weapon list. The armor can be found in the cosmetic features list. Keep in mind that the armor purchased in the store is purely cosmetic until you buy it in-game.

Character UpgradesEdit

There is three different upgrades to your character in Cops and Crims, which makes it easier to play the game but also to earn coins.

Name Description Cost
Pocket Change Increases your starting money during Pistol rounds by $X. 100-180000 Coins

Pocket Change increases the amount of money you gain on Pistol rounds. Pistol rounds is the first round of every Defusal game and also the first round when switching teams. This upgrade will allow you to potentially purchase another item on those rounds. However remember that this upgrade only works in Defusal Mode since in Team Deathmatch everything is free to purchase.

Name Description Cost
Strength Training Reduces the movement penalty of all guns by X%. 100-180000 Coins

Strength Training reduces the movement speed penalty of all guns. This makes it easier to shoot while walking or sprinting while also allowing you to be more mobile while shooting.

Name Description Cost
Bounty Hunter Gives you a X% chance to gain double/triple coins on kills. 100-180000 Coins

Bounty Hunter gives you a random chance to gain double coins when getting a kill. This can be a good upgrade if you want to upgrade your other guns or buy other cosmetic perks. On the last level, double turns into triple coins allowing you to gain even more than before. The final level also makes it a 100% chance.

Radio CommandsEdit

Radio Commands can be purchased in the shop and comes in two different forms: callouts and taunts. Callouts are exclusive to VIP users and cost 100 coins to purchase. They can be used to display a message to your teammates. Taunts are exclusive to VIP+ users and cost 200 coins to purchase. Taunts are played to the enemy team instead taunting them. You can activate both forms of radio commands by right-clicking the radio while in a game. You cannot use the radio during the 10 second grace period. The list of radio commands can be found in the cosmetic features list.


So far the only thing in the Miscellaneous tab is sprays. Sprays can be used across maps to display a certain word or piece of art. So far, all sprays are exclusive to MVP+ users and cost 300 coins each. The list of sprays can also be found in the cosmetic features list.

Quests & ChallengesEdit


Type Title Description Rewards
Daily Win a game! (Defusal) Win a game of Defusal Cops and Crims 2500 Hypixel Experience, 1250 Cops and Crims Coins
Kill 15 players! (Defusal) Get 15 kills in Defusal Mode 2500 Hypixel Experience, 1250 Cops and Crims Coins
Get 300 points! (Deathmatch) Get 300 points in Team Deathmatch 2500 Hypixel Experience, 1250 Cops and Crims Coins
Win a game! (Deathmatch) Win a game of Deathmatch 2500 Hypixel Experience, 1000 Cops and Crims Coins
Weekly 100 kills and 1500 points 1. Kill 100 players in Defusal

2. Get 1,500 points in Deathmatch

15000 Hypixel Experience, 4000 Cops and Crims Coins


Title Description Rewards
Pistol Challenge Get 3 pistol kills in a single match. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Knife Challenge Get a knife kill. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Grenade Challenge Get a grenade kill. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Killing Spree Challenge Get 5 kills in a row. 2400 Hypixel Experience


Main article: Cops and Crims achievements.

Update HistoryEdit

February 2016

  • Added Team Deathmatch mode.
  • Added two new maps: Carrier and Overgrown.
  • Now uses the new map rotation system.
  • Added new crates/breakable protection into maps.
  • Added Cops and Crims achievements and Quest Master.
  • Added new Sniper mechanic: sneak to scope.
  • Added Firebomb grenade.
  • Smoke Grenades now have thicker smoke.
  • Shooting Range in the lobby is now available for all users.
  • Changed economy in Casual Mode.
  • Updated resource pack.
  • Fixed six bugs.

October 2014

  • Cops and Crims is officialy released.


  • This is one of two minigames to feature Challenge Mode. The other is Mega Walls.

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