There are 52 Achievements in Cops and Crims, giving a total of 550 Achievement Points.


One-Time Achievements Edit

Name Description Points
Secret Order Win a private game 5
Grafitti King Use a Spray 5
Like my gun? Use a reskined gun 5
Flawless Win a game without losing a single round 10
Samurai Warrior Get a knife kill 5
It's hunting season Buy a 50cal in round 2 5
Gun Master Get a kill with 5 different weapons in a game 10
Close Call Defuse a bomb with less than 3 seconds before detonation 10
BOOM! Get a grenade kill 5
Comeback Story Be the last man alive and win 5
Team Communicator Unlock 20 radio commands 5
Sneaky! Defuse a bomb with enemies left alive 5
Homing Bullets Get 7 kills in one round 10
One shot, one kill Get a kill with your first bullet 10
It's never too late Win or tie a game being down 0-3 10
Warfare Stylist Unlock 4 Armor variations  10
TDM Specailist Obtain at least 300 points in TDM 10
Street Artist Buy all Radio Commands/ Sprays 5
PENTAAAA!!! Get 5 kills in less than 7 seconds 15
I'm on FIRE! Obtain a kill streak of 10 in TDM 10
Am I late to the party? Join a game already in progress  5
Unstoppable Get 15 kills without dying 10
TRIIPPLEE!!! Get 3 kills in less than 3 seconds 10
Is it good now? Upgrade all of a gun's skills to their max 20
Challenge Completed! Complete a challenge in TDM 5
Fancy New Toys Unlock 10 Gun Variations  5
Darude Sandstorm Win on both Sandstorm and Allyway 5
Where's my Nuke? Get 25 kills without dying 15
umadbro? Use a Taunt 5
The Carrier Win a game with at least 1 bomb planted, 1 defused and 10 kills 10
Less Talky Talky, more Pew Pew Challenge another Party (/p challenge) 5
Too Easy Defuse a bomb with the Defuser Kit 9000 5
RUN AWAY!! Plant a bomb 5


Name Tier Description Points
War Hero I Kill 100 players 5
II Kill 500 players 10
III Kill 2,000 players 15
IV Kill 10,000 players 20
V Kill 25,000 players 25
Bomb Specialist I Defuse or Plant 10 bombs. 5
II Defuse or Plant 50 bombs. 10
III Defuse or Plant 100 bombs. 15
IV Defuse or Plant 500 bombs. 20
V Defuse or Plant 1,00 bombs. 25
Warfare  I Win 10 Games 5
II Win 50 Games 10
III Win 200 Games 15
IV Win 750 Games 20
V Win 2,500 Games 25
Bounty Hunter I Earn 10,000 Coins 5
II Earn 50,000 Coins 10
III Earn 100,000 Coins 15
IV Earn 250,000 Coins 20
V Earn 500,000 Coins 25

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