A cosmetic feature is a donator benefit that does not alter gameplay in any way. All donators have access to certain cosmetic items. Cosmetic features include, but are not limited to: pets, disguises, gadgets, and alternate weapon designs.

On this page, you can find all the cosmetic features for each rank. This page will also have links to pets, disguises, and gadgets, which can also be bought using Hypixel Credits. Hypixel Credits can be bought without having a rank. Note: each rank has access to the previous features, e.g. a MVP+ would have access to the VIP, VIP+ and the MVP features.

- The VIP donators have access to the cosmetic VIP features

- The VIP+ donators have access to the cosmetic VIP+ features

- The MVP donators have access to the cosmetic MVP features

- The MVP+ donators have access to the cosmetic MVP+ features

- A list of all pets, disguises and gadgets can be found here. These lists also include features that a player without a rank can purchase with Mystery Dust.

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