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Modes Edit

Solo Edit

Maps Edit

Solo Edit

Teams Edit

Soul Well Edit

Solo Kits Edit

Kits that can be used in SOLO NORMAL MODE
Rarity Name Items
Common Cannoneer -TNT x3

-Redstone Torch (On) x3

-Water Bucket

-Flint & Steel (16 uses)

Einstein -Bottle o' Enchanting x24

-Bookcase x15

Enchanter -Enchantment Table

-Bottle o' Enchanting x5

Healer -Golden Apple

-Splash Potion of Healing (2♥) x2

Speleologist -Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency III)
Weaponsmith -Enchanted Book (Sharpness I)


Rare Archer -Bow

-Arrow x16

Armorer -Iron Helmet (Protection II)

-Iron Boots (Projectile Protection II)

Flash -Splash Potion of Speed x2
Master Trainer -Mob Eggs x3 (Random, chosen from a pool of Wolf, Zombie, Skeleton,

or Pigman)

Spiderling -Web x8

-Spider Egg x2

Toxicologist Splash Potion of Poison x3
Legendary Enderman -Ender Pearl x3
Looter -String x2

-Redstone Ore x12

Pyromancer -Lava Bucket

-Flint & Steel (6 uses)

-Iron Leggins (Protection I, Fire Protection X)

Solo Perks Edit


Team Kits Edit

-Redstone Torch (On) x3 -Water Bucket -Flint & Steel (16 uses) -Bookcase x15 -Bottle o' Enchanting x5 -Splash Potion of Healing (4♥) x2
Rarity Name Items
Common Cannoneer
Weaponsmith -Enchanted Book (Sharpness I) x2


Rare Archer
Master Trainer
Legendary Enderman

Team Perks Edit

Lucky Perks Edit

Quest Master Edit

Type Title Description Rewards
Daily Crazy Games Play 3 games of Crazy Walls with at least 1 kill 2500 Hypixel Experience
1000 Crazy Walls Coins
1 Golden Skull
Kills Kill a total of 10 players 2500 Hypixel Experience
1000 Crazy Walls Coins
1 Golden Skull
Win Win a game of Crazy Walls 2500 Hypixel Experience
1000 Crazy Walls Coins
1 Golden Skull
Weekly Crazy Walls Weekly 1. Play 30 games of Crazy Walls

2. Kill a total of 30 players in Crazy Walls

15000 Hypixel Experience
5000 Crazy Walls Coins
5 Golden Skulls

Achievements Edit

Type Name Description Reward

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