Hypixel Credits

The 50,000 Hypixel Credits package icon

There are 4 network-wide currencies on the Hypixel Network, and 2 outdated currencies.

(Some games like Skywars add a second currency which is not network-wide)

Active CurrenciesEdit

These currencies can be exchanged by gameplay or cosmetic perks, items or kits

Removed CurrenciesEdit

These currencies were Active at a time, but are not usable nor referenced anywhere on the Hypixel Network

Controversial statusEdit

Some network-wide elements are collected like a currency but aren't exchanged (they can't be losed at all)

  • Karma
    • The Karma is often considered as a "convivial currency" but it can't be used anywhere
  • Hypixel Levels (or technically Hypixel Experience)
    • Even if the EXP is gathered in the same way a player collect Coins or Credits, the Levels are not losed in order to obtain the Level Rewards