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Farm Hunt is an Arcade Game in which 16 players are chosen as animals and must hide themselves in a farm. After 30 seconds the eight remaining players spawn in the game as hunters and they must seek all the animals animals in less than five minutes.



Hunter The Hunters are given an Unbreaking III wooden sword and an Infinity I, Unbreaking III bow to kill the hidden animals. They are covered by iron armor and have access to an Explosive Sheep which will kill all animal nearby. Likewise, this sheep will be useful to distinguish real animals and 'fake' animals (placed by the server). Animal Animals can taunt the hunters via making noises (Safe Taunt), pooping cacoa beans which is combined with a sound (Risky Taunt) or launching fireworks (Firework Taunt). The Firework Taunt can only be used 5 times per game. Animals can also kill the Hunters by using a bow with 5 arrows (you get 1 arrow every so often after you used an arrow). By default this bow is enchanted with Unbreaking III and Punch II, although you can upgrade it by hitting Hunters, making the bow more powerful. Animals also have a Transform Wand in their inventory to disguise themself in other players by right-clicking any animal on the farm.