The Hypixel Forums is a place where ideas and other opinions on a variety of things on Hypixel can be discussed. You can report hackers and bugs there, and there is even an off-topic section where you can talk about non-Hypixel related stuff. Linking your Minecraft account to your forums account will give you 15,000 experience and 5 achievement points.

Sections Edit

Games: Edit

  • Mega Walls
  • Blitz Survival Games
  • Warlords
  • UHC Champions
  • The TNT Games
  • Cops and Crims
  • Arcade Games
  • Speed UHC
  • SkyWars
  • Housing
  • Crazy Walls
  • Smash Heroes
  • SkyClash
  • Bed Wars
  • Murder Mystery
  • Build Battle
  • Prototype Lobby (PTL)
  • Classic Lobby

Hypixel Server: Edit

  • Hypixel Server Discussion
  • News and Announcements
  • Server Bug Reports
  • Ideas and Feedback
  • Guilds
  • Community Help Forums

Contact Moderators (submission only): Edit

  • Report Rule Breakers
  • Ban Appeal
  • Apply For Staff

Hypixel Community: Edit

  • Off Topic
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Hypixel Events
  • Creative Hub
  • Builder's Lounge
  • YouTube Showcase
  • Media
  • Code Creations
  • Official Hypixel Maps

Rules Edit

The forum has to have rules too. The following link should provide all the information you need on the rules, and more:


Other links: Edit

Official forums:

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