"Bawk bawk...BACAAAWWWK!"

Hero Abilities Edit

Shoot Rocket Edit

This ability is General Cluck's primary damaging ability. To use it, right click and you will fire a red missile from your bazooka. Enemies hit by the missile (and the following explosion) take 6 damage.This ability has a cool down time of 1.0 seconds. You can also use the ability to launch yourself into the air.

Clusterbuck Edit

This is General Cluck's secondary ability. It shoots out a larger, egg-like missile that breaks off into egg fragments upon exploding. The missile does 12 damage, but each fragment does 4 damage to the enemy if they hit. More fragments are likely to hit if the missile is a direct hit. The Clusterbuck travels slightly slower than the rockets in his primary ability. To charge your Clusterbuck, you must successfully hit 3 rockets from your rocket shoot ability onto enemies.

Chicken Army Edit

You spawn six chickens, each with bazookas of their own. They will try and shoot any enemy that is near them. Although relatively easy to dodge from afar, being caught in the middle can be the end of an opposing player. These chickens can juggle quite well.

Passive Ability: Flap Edit

You will "flap" your wings, giving you good horizontal movement and a little vertical movement. Each flap costs 20 energy, and energy regenerates on its own.