God games has been discontinued on the network. You may read the thread on Hypixel.

God games were special variations of games occasionally hosted by administrators for fun.

Different variations Edit

Blitz Survival Games

In Blitz Survival Games, god games raise the amount of players, give players double health and make kits level X, no matter what you choose. However, you may still only select kits that you have already unlocked.

Mega Walls

In Mega Walls, god games can have various amounts of players and each class you choose will become prestiged for that game. The hosts are also allowed to modify all vanilla settings of the map and to spawn random items. A host can also moderate his/her health and that of other players.

TNT Games

In The TNT Games, god games raise the amount of players, often to 100. They are rarely done in TNT Wizards due to lag issues.

Arcade Games

In Arcade Games, god games raise the amount of players.

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