Guild System
Minecraft Hypixel Explaining Guilds

Minecraft Hypixel Explaining Guilds

A tutorial on how to make and control guilds.

Guilds are a sort of never-ending parties! With ANYONE!

Note that only players with the VIP+ rank can create guilds but anyone can join them. Once you join a guild you can easily chat with other members, buy upgrades and play together.

It's pretty much the servers take on Clans and the ability to create your own community.

Although you can create a guild and promote it, there is currently no use for for having a guild outside of community.

Guild CommandsEdit

A list of Guild commands, /g can be used instead of /guild.

Command Function
/guild help Lists all Guild commands
/guild create <name> Creates a Guild with the specified name
/guild members Lists the players in your Guild
/guild promote <player> Promotes the player to Officer
/guild invite <player> Invites the player to your Guild
/guild accept <player> Accepts a Guild invitation
/guild demote <player> Demotes the player to Member
/guild transfer <player> Transfers ownership of the Guild to another player
/guild disband Disbands the Guild
/guild rename <name> Renames the Guild
/guild notifications Toggle Guild join/leave notifications
/guild kick <player> Kicks the player from your Guild
/guild leave Leaves your current Guild
/guild info Prints information about your Guild
/guild settings <setting> <value> Modify settings for your Guild
/guild join <name/member/owner> Request to join the specified Guild
/guild shop Show the Guild Shop
/guild party Forms a party from your online Guild Members
/guild tag <tag> Sets the Guild [TAG]
/guild member <member> Displays information about the Guild member
/guild chat Switches to Guild chat
/guild motd Modifies the MOTD for the Guild
/guild online List all online Guild members
/guild tagcolor Sets the Guild tag color

Guild RanksEdit

There are currently three different guild ranks- Guild Master, Officer, and Member.

Guild Master Edit

The Guild Master is the leader of the guild has access to all guild commands including changing the guild tag and MOTD, making purchases from the guild shop, transferring guild leadership and promoting officers.

Guild Masters have the ability to:

  • Promote guild members to officer
  • Demote guild officers to members
  • Change guild settings
  • Upgrade things from the guild shop
  • Transfer the guild to someone who is VIP+ or higher
  • Disband the guild
  • Kick players
  • Transfer the guild to someone who is DEFAULT or higher

Officer Edit

The Officers of the guild need to be promoted by the Guild Master. Officers have access to checking how long people have been in the guild and how many coins they have accumulated in the last week.

Guild Officers have the ability to:

  • Invite players to the guild
  • Kick players from the guild

Member Edit

The Members of the guild have only a few permissions. They can check when they joined the guild and how many guild coins they have accumulated in the last week. Members also have access to guild chat.

  • Use guild chat
  • Earn coins for the guild by playing games
  • Leave the guild
  • Invite players to the guild

Guild Shop and CoinsEdit

The Guild shop can be opend by typing /guild shop. Remember, that only Guild Masters can buy items in the guild. In order to buy items you need Guild Coins.

2014-08-02 11.51.53

The Guild Shop

HOW TO EARN GUILD COINS: By winning and losing games you can earn guild coins.

Win = 100 Guild Coins. has a daily coin maximum limit which can be upgraded and by default is 10,000 Guild Coins.

Guild Member Upgrade Edit

Expands your guild and allows you to add extra members to your guild.

Guild Member Upgrade
Level Cost (Guild Coins) Increase Total
I 100 5 30
II 150 5 35
III 250 5 40
IV 250 5 45
V 3000 5 50
VI 350 5 55
VII 350 5 60
VIII 45,000 5 65
IX 50,000 10 75
X 60,000 5 80
XI 70,000 5 85
XII 85,000 5 90
XIII 105,000 5 95
XIV 130,000 5 100
XV 160,000 5 105
XVI 195,000 5 110
XVII 235,000 5 115
XVIII 280,000 10 125

Guild Banking Upgrade Edit

Extend the daily amount of guild coins. The more you upgrade, the more amount of guild coins you can get in one day.

Guild Banking Upgrade
Level Increase Total Cost (Guild Coins)
I 1,000 11,000 10,000
II 1,000 12,000 15,000
III 1,000 13,000 20,000
IV 1,000 14,000 25,000
V 1,000 15,000 30,000
VI 1,000 16,000 35,000
VII 1,000 17,000 40,000
VIII 1,000 18,000 45,000
IX 2,000 20,000 50,000

Guild MOTD Edit

Cost: 50,000 Guild Coins

Adds a configurable message to be sent to guild members when they join the network. You can change the MOTD with /guild MOTD

Guild Party Edit

Cost: 50,000 Guild Coins

Creates a party and invites all your guild members to it. Use the command /guild party

Guild [TAG] Edit



Guild Coins

Access to /guild tag - Add a [TAG] after guild member's names in all lobbies.

Guild Ranking System Edit

(Coming Soon)

Adds an extra rank to your guild.

Guild Fortress Edit

(Coming Soon)

Access to "/guild fortress" - Your guild will be able to its own fortress and start preparing for war.