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A Helper of the Hypixel Network is a staff member that helps newcomers on the server, gives information, and helps the server run smooth.

A Hypixel Helper is tagged with [HELPER] in a dark blue color. Three things that this article will say: what kind of things can a Hypixel Helper do, what they are there for, and how people can apply for Helper. A brief description about Helpers is that they are staff members of the Hypixel Network and they are there to assist players with questions they have.

Abilities Edit

Although we do not know the exact extent of Helper's permissions, we know Helpers have access to many things to allow them to help the players better. Hypixel Helpers can receive and send messages to everyone on the Hypixel Network without having them added on their friends list. This allows for players to ask questions easier and helps the Helper message people they need to message about rules. All commands given to Helpers allows them to both help and prevent minor rule-breaking. Some of these exclusive commands are the /mute command and the /msg to all players, however, they cannot ban other players.

Role Edit

Helpers are here to help people and contact server moderators when needed to. If a matter is minor then they can solve it using the special commands provided to them, but if it's a lot higher then they can report it to higher ranked staff members such as Moderators. Helpers can receive many messages and this depends on how well known the staff is. If a staff member just became Helper on the spot, then they won't receive as many messages as a Helper who has been staff for a few months.

Application Edit

All information about applying for the Helper rank can be found on the Hypixel forums. Here is a link to the format:

The requirements to become a Helper are:

  1. You must be at least 16 years old.
  2. You must have VIP rank or above on the server.
  3. You must have access to TeamSpeak with a working microphone.
  4. You must not be staff on any other server.