The Herobrine class uses supernatural abilities to attack and destroy his enemies.

-Brief description of the class-

The Herobrine class is a free and playable class in Mega Walls.

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Herobrine (Fighter, Damage)Edit


- Wrath [ABILITY]

Unleash the wrath of Herobrine striking all nearby enemies for X damage.

Level 1 - Does 1.0 Damage

Level 2 - Does 1.5 Damage

Level 3 - Does 2.0 Damage

Level 4 - Does 2.5 Damage

Level 5 - Does 3.0 Damage

Level 6 - Does 3.5 Damage

Level 7 - Does 4.0 Damage

Level 8 - Does 6.0 Damage

Level 9 - Does 7.0 Damage

 *Note that the damage dealt is        armor-piercing (ignores armor)

- Power [SKILL]

Killing an enemy gives you a strength boost for X seconds.

- Flurry [SKILL]

X chance to get speed II for 1 second when you hit a player.

- Treasure Hunter [GATHERING TALENT]

Increases your chances to find treasure by X while mining stone.

- Herobrine Kit [KIT UPGRADE]

NOTICE: The Health Potions in this kit heals 6 hearts.

Level 1 - Stone Sword, Iron Pickaxe

Level 2 - Stone Sword (Unbreaking I), Iron Pickaxe, Steak

Level 3 - Stone Sword (Unbreaking II), Iron Pickaxe, 2 Steaks

Level 4 - Stone Sword (Unbreaking II), Iron Pickaxe, 2 Steaks, Health Potion

Level 5 - Iron Sword (Unbreaking II), Iron Pickaxe, 3 Steaks, Health Potion

Level 6 - Iron Sword (Unbreaking II),Iron Pickaxe, 3 Steaks, Health Potion, Speed Potion

Level 7 - Iron Sword (Unbreaking III), Iron Pickaxe, Iron Helmet (Protection Environmental I, Unbreaking I, Aqua Affinity I), 3 Steaks, Health Potion, Speed Potion

Level 8 - Iron Sword (Unbreaking III), Iron Pickaxe, Iron Helmet (Protection Environmental I, Unbreaking I, Aqua Affinity I), 3 Steaks, 2 Health Potions, 2 Speed Potions

Level 9 - Diamond Sword (Unbreaking III), Diamond Pickaxe, Iron Helmet (Protection Environmental I, Unbreaking I, Aqua Affinity I), 2 Health Potions, 2 Speed Potions


Prestige 1 Two additional hearts 250,000 coins
Prestige 2 'Skillaura' 250,000 coins
Prestige 3 Skin: '???' 250,000 coins

ENDER CHEST [PERK] The Ender Chest perk will grant you an Ender Chest to hide your stuff in. It's handy since you can put stuff in the chest that no one will steal. It costs 10000 coins. Other teammates can use it if they got it unlocked for their class. They won't be able to loot from your items.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • When upgrading the Herobrine Class, try to upgrade Herobrine's starting kit and Wrath; make them your priority. When both are at around level 6/7, proceed to max out your kit first; the Diamond Sword can prove very useful in difficult battles. Wrath is also very useful in groupfights or even 1v1s as Wrath charges fast and can drain off the opponents' health unknowingly, making it a lethal threat when maxed
  • Herobrine is one of, if not, the best class for defending the wither, its high Energy Per Hit can help you charge up Wrath 2-5 times a fight when defending. Combined with your sword hits, the enemy will be gone in a blink of an eye! It is also a good class for farm killing. Hit you sword, spawn wrath, get strength by killing, annihilate the rest for coins, AND REPEAT!
  • The Herobrine is a class that performs very well in outnumbered battles, due to its strength and speed. Strength two will enchant your weapon with four sharpness levels, so you would have a diamond sword(sharpness 4) for 2 up to 6 seconds.
  • Herobrine starts out relatively weak, and only gets a diamond sword at max kit level. This means that people who try to gain diamond stuff earlier in the kit, could better buy themselves a hero class, because 10000 coins is a lot less than a max kit.
  • Fully upgraded Herobrine is one of the top classes in Mega Walls. Its strength also lies in the fact that it can shred people while they are drinking (health) potions.
  • There is a chance of getting Speed II when hitting somebody, use this to your advantage, pretend to run away, this'll let them think you're at low health, then turn around and hit them or even kill them! This is not a option if there is one coming from the left/right or in front, or being grouped.
  • Mining is also a good way of getting alot of chests because you have a default chance of getting chests of 100% and the Herobrine mining skill gives ALOT of chests at Max level stacking up to about 200% of finding chests.
  • Always participate in group fights when using the Herobrine Class: Target the ones with either, weaker armor, or lower health. Once you kill them, fully utilize your strength buff to pick the others off one by one.