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HP Build Team

The Hypixel Build Team (HPBT) is Hypixel's official build team. The HPBT has made most of the maps and lobbies and they create resource packs and other assets for the Hypixel Network's use.

The HPBT used to run the Creative Server which was a plot-based creative server. However following the dissolution of the Build Team, the network was shut down and now all Builders are Hypixel Admins.

The [BUILD TEAM] and {ADMINISTRATOR] ranks no longer refer only to Build Team members and multiple Build Team and Admin ranks work on both the network and on the StandAlone Project.

Origin Edit

The Hypixel Build Team started from Mithrintia, another build team that was working for Hypixel. Since Mithrintia has been working with Hypixel for a long time and Hypixel was their main partner, Mithrintia was consolidated into Hypixel through McLovinnnn as the Hypixel Build Team.