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HP Build Team

The Hypixel Build Team (HPBT) is Hypixel's official build team. The HPBT has made most of the maps and lobbies and they create resource packs and other assets for the Hypixel Network's use.

The HPBT used to run a creative server which was plot-based. Anyone could join and build, and if they gained a high creative user builder rank (such as Master, the second highest) and their building was of an exceptional standard, they may have been invited to join the Hypixel Build Team. Creative was accessed via, or whilst connected to the network, using /creative. Creative was 1.8 and was run by volunteers. Some Creative staff opted to join the HPBT guild, which is denoted by the guild tag [HPBT] after their name above their player model and in the player list. Build Team Members now have the tag [ADMIN] instead of [BUILD TEAM]

As of the 7th of June 2016 Hypixel creative closed down. This list shows the members that were in the Hypixel Build Team. Some of the creative staff/admins went on to make their own creative server.

Administrators Edit

There are 3 admins: McLovinnnn, vinny8ball666 and Bloderz. These people are tasked with maintaining the creative server and the build team.

There are 2 junior admins: IFailAgain and Wooders.

Development Edit

There are 4 members of the development team. ProfessorCyrius is an established developer, and oasis9, 0lakan0 and Nitroholic_ are juniors. The job of this team is to develop tools for the creative server and maintain the existing ones.

Build Team Edit

There are 19 build team members: Cheesey, CptCharles, Otium_Terrae, TheGreaterGod, Propertoz, m3llym3lly, Roddan, Wipi, Bigrat, Sarcasticburger, Blockskey, falloutowns, Raven_Baxter, Reptar, Woodstock_gaming, Theo_the_ape, Frightend, WintersLocke, fudgiethewale. They make lobbies, minigame maps, resource packs, and other assets for the main network.

Build team trial is for people who are on a trial period to see if they can become build team members. Currently there are 2 build team trials: Diablocks and fudgiethewhale.

Creative Staff Edit

Brauchen wir nicht

Moderators Edit

There are 10 mods: BIG_NASTY, Trusty_, RJR8, Benolian, DonDanTan, Gangee, GlitcherDOTbe, Emilybemily6, Drewiss1 and Superplays. These people moderate the creative server and do reviews. Some of the mods mentor new helpers.

Helpers Edit

There are 22 helpers: Flyoski, im4life, Irish_Hockey, Jazziie, Mellorj, Nlergand, Soko, LouisMS, _Trollman, MewBby, Brad_, oMaybe, xNonstop, AdamWho,ValkyrieMC, Tiliba, Souriya, iTurboPenguin, Abraxxus, Oats_, FironManergy and TheCoral. These people help moderate the server. Sometimes the helpers do reviews with their mentors, this is for helpers who want to rank up to mod.

Origin Edit

The Hypixel Build Team started from Mithrintia, another build team that was working for Hypixel. Since Mithrintia has been working with Hypixel for a long time and Hypixel was their main partner, Mithrintia was consolidated into Hypixel through McLovinnnn as the Hypixel Build Team.