Ride rollercoasters to escape in this abandoned theme park. Can you survive the Haunted House?

Hypixel World is a map in Murder Mystery that resembles a theme park.




Cost: 1 × Gold Ingot Gold

Two separate tracks which form a large circle around the map. The monorail can be activated by pressing the stone button above the rails at the start of each track. There is a ten second cooldown between uses.

Unlike a minecart in vanilla Minecraft, the minecart travelling on the monorail remains at a constant speed regardless of which type of track it is running on. There is no way to exit the monorail while it's moving until it reaches the end of the track, where you will be ejected.


Cost: 1 × Gold Ingot Gold

Similar to the monorail, however the rollercoaster is a loop.

The rollercoaster travels through, around, and over the volcano before returning back to the ground.


Updates Edit

Date Content
October 4, 2017
  • Added 10 seconds cooldown to the monorail.


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