"One of Earth's greatest fighters, Karakot does his best to use his strength and amazing skills to uphold peace."

Hero Abilities Edit

Ki Blast Edit

This ability is Karakot's main damage source. This ability can be used in rapid succession without stopping. Although the cooldown for this move is 1 second, you fire two projectiles per use. The first projectile is fired as soon as you right click, while the second one is fired 0.5 seconds after the first. Therefore, you can hold right click to constantly use this. The projectiles are very inaccurate. Each projectile deals 4 damage to an enemy upon a successful hit. After landing 3 hits on enemy heroes with Ki Blast, the ability Kame Do will be available to use.

Kame Do Edit

This ability can be used after hitting enemy heroes with the Ki Blast ability 3 times. Kame Do shoots a perfectly accurate projectile. If hit on an enemy hero, 12 damage is dealt. It is a slower projectile than your Ki Blast ability.

True Power Edit

This is Karakot's smash ability. When used it turns Karakot's hair and Ki Blast yellow for 12 seconds. When this happens, Karakot shoots 4 Ki Blasts per right-click instead of 2.. Karakot also reduces the cost of the ability Teleport to 20. Lastly, Karakot reduced the damage taken by half.

Teleport Edit

When this ability is used, Karakot will teleport 10 blocks away from his original position. This ability replaces the normal double jump. This ability costs 40 energy to use, but costs 20 energy when True Power is active. If Karakot does not have enough energy to Teleport, he will instead double jump normally.

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