Karma currently has no use on the Hypixel Network.  
Javaw 2017-11-23 22-08-01

+25 Karma!

Obtaining Edit

Karma can be obtained by:

  • Saying 'GG' or 'Good Game' (case insensitive) at the end of a game [5 Karma]
  • Staying for an entire Cops and Crims or Galaxy Wars game [50 Karma]
  • Using the Trampoline Gadget [10 Karma]
  • Activating a Network Booster (Below) [5,000 Karma]
Javaw 2017-11-23 22-07-17

+5000 Karma!

The amount of Karma a player receives depends on their donor rank. Any non-donor ranks such as YouTuber rank or staff ranks, don't get any extra karma.

Rank Multiplier
Default ×1
VIP ×2
VIP+ ×3
MVP ×4
MVP+ ×5

Trivia Edit