Limbo signs

Instructions on how to return to the lobby are displayed in nine different languages.

Limbo is the fallback server on Hypixel. Limbo is a mysterious place where players get put on if the server fails and has an error. You may get placed in limbo for bad connection, a moderator puts you in it, or you AFK for around 10 minutes. Limbo was designed sometime in 2012 or 2013. To get out of limbo, just type /lobby and the name of the game you want to enter, or move around if you were just AFK.

Limbo is a small house situated on a floating island in the End. All blocks are breakable, but no changes are visible for other players or persistent after you leave Limbo. If you press the middle mouse button it acts just like Creative Mode and you get the block that you are looking at. You can craft, but only in your inventory. Right-clicking a crafting table does nothing. If you break one of the windows, you can hop on a few platforms to get to the top of the roof. Apart from that, there is nothing else of value in Limbo. If you fall off, you will keep falling forever as you will not take any damage.


How to get to LimboEdit

As well as above, you can spam and it will say "disconnect.spam" and you will go there. Lagging in the air in a game can also get you there. If someone rides you using the Cowboy Gadget and you fall in the void, you will also be taken to Limbo.