"His real name is a mystery. Rumor says that he used to be a valiant knight known by everyone in the galaxy. All we know is that he utilizes Dark Energy to do his evil deeds."

Hero Abilities Edit

Lightning Edit

This ability is the Marauder's main source of damage. Lightning has no cooldown, but costs 40 Dark Energy. When Lightning is used, the Marauder shoots lightning a small distance infront, dealing 8 damage to enemies hit. The range of the ability is slightly longer than the animation for the ability, at 9 blocks.

Grip Edit

This ability makes it easier for the Marauder to catch ranged heroes. When this ability is used, the Marauder freezes all enemies infront of him and pulls them towards the Marauder after 2 seconds. Enemies caught in the grip also take 5 damage. This ability costs 80 Dark Energy to use.

Unleashed Energy Edit

This ability is the Marauder's smash ability. This ability enables the Marauder to spam Lightning and High Jump. After this ability is used, Marauder's energy regenerates at a rate of 50 per second. This effect lasts for 15 seconds.

High Jump Edit

This ability lets the Marauder jump really high. The ability used when the Marauder tries to double jump again after double jumping. This ability costs 50 Dark Energy to use.

Dark Energy Edit

This is the Marauder's passive. Dark Energy replaces the regular energy. Dark Energy allows the Marauder to regenerate 18 energy every second. Dark Energy also allows the Marauder to generate 10 Dark Energy for each successful melee hit.

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