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There are 134 Achievements in Mega Walls, giving a total of 1,535 Achievement Points.

Achievements Edit

Name Description Points
Mega Walls Rusher I Deal 250 damage to withers 5
Mega Walls Rusher II Deal 2000 damage to withers 10
Mega Walls Rusher III Deal 5000 damage to withers 15
Mega Walls Rusher IV Deal 15000 damage to withers 20
Mega Walls Rusher V Deal 50000 damage to withers 25
Mega Walls Banker I Earn 5000 coins in Mega Walls 5
Mega Walls Banker II Earn 10000 coins in Mega Walls 10
Mega Walls Banker III Earn 35000 coins in Mega Walls 15
Mega Walls Banker IV Earn 55000 coins in Mega Walls 20
Mega Walls Banker V Earn 75000 coins in Mega Walls 25
Mega Walls Champion I Win 10 games 5
Mega Walls Champion II Win 50 games 10
Mega Walls Champion III Win 100 games 15
Mega Walls Champion IV Win 250 games 20
Mega Walls Champion V Win 500 games 25
Mega Walls Slayer I Kill 10 players 5
Mega Walls Slayer II Kill 50 players 10
Mega Walls Slayer III Kill 250 players 15
Mega Walls Slayer IV Kill 1500 players 20
Mega Walls Slayer V Kill 4500 players 25
Mega Walls Guardian I Get 5 defender kills 5
Mega Walls Guardian II Get 50 defender kills 10
Mega Walls Guardian III Get 250 defender kills 15
Mega Walls Guardian IV Get 500 defender kills 20
Mega Walls Guardian V Get 1000 defender kills 25
Zombie Leader Max out all Zombie skills 10
Herobrine Super Saiyan Max out all Herobrine skills 10
Save your stuff Buy an Enderchest 5
Groopo Slayer Kill someone that is wearing a Groopo head 5
Blood Lust Deal 700 damage to withers in one game 5
At least he tried Get a defensive final kill 10
The Blood of My Enemies Win with your Wither still alive 15
This is my final form! Purchase a prestige upgrade for a class 10
Groopo Kupo Kill someone while wearing a Groopo head 5
Front Line Mine Diamond Ore 10
Advanced Strategies Win a game of Faceoff without your wither dying 5
Strategic Mind Attack an enemy's Wither 5
Easy Mode Win before the Deathmatch 15
Veteran Unlock 7 Hero Classes 15
Going to the Gym Unlock your first Skill upgrade 5
Skeleton Supremacy Max out all Skeleton skills 10
Competitive Get top final kills at the end of the match 10
The Gatherer Unlock your first Gathering Skill upgrade 5
Chest Finder Find a chest while mining 5
This Is Not Even My Final Form Max out all skills for one class 10

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