This is a community wiki, hence we have no power over the distribution of ranks. If you want to become a staff member on the Hypixel Server, apply here.

A Moderator is a volunteer staff member that enforces rules, regulations and punishments over users on the Hypixel Network.

Hypixel Moderators are users that are tagged with [MOD] in a dark green colour. They are staff members of the Hypixel Network and their primary role is to moderate games on the Network, through catching and punishing cheaters and such. While this may be their primary role, there are many other roles that moderators also take upon such as chat-reports, forum moderation and more.


Moderators are the highest volunteer position on Hypixel and are required to have previously been a Helper on the network. People cannot apply for Moderator directly and must first apply for the Helper role, instead.

Moderators cannot be promoted to an Admin role, unless they apply for and have the skill set required for that job position. Moderators' duties are to maintain the chat, forums, and games. Moderators are supposed to be role models and provide an ideal experience for players.

Usages and CommandsEdit

Being a Moderator grants access to banning users that use hacked clients and such using the /ban command. In general, Moderators are supposed to enforce the rules on the network. They must also record sufficient evidence of the offence, to ensure that the ban was necessary.

Another command exclusive for Moderators is the /kick command, which will kick any players that are stuck in a block and such during games. Do not misinterpret the /kick command with the /ban command. The /kick command simply removes the player from the server, and the player can reconnect immediately afterwards.

Additionally, a third command exclusive for Helpers, Moderators and Admins is the /mute command which will restrict the targetted user from sending messages of any type for the time the staff member specified.