Murder Mystery is a 16-player Prototype gamemode where one person may be assigned three roles: Innocent (14 players), Detective (1 player), or Murderer (1 player). Each role has a different objective. Innocents must try to survive as long as possible. The Detective must find and shoot the Murderer with their bow. The Murderer must try to kill all of the other players without getting shot or running out of time. Gold randomly spawns around the map, and it can be used to earn certain items. Each person has a certain chance of being the Murderer or the Detective. These chances are shown in the waiting lobby.

Maps Edit

Gold Edit

If Gold is collected, 15 points are gained. Gold can be used to buy:

Bow/One Arrow (All maps): Costs 10 Gold (automatically given to the player when 10 Gold is acquired), used to shoot the Murderer and kill him/her

Rapid Transport (Transport map): Costs 2 Gold, takes a player to another area quickly

Trap Activation (Towerfall map): Costs 1 Gold, used to activate a trap that removes blocks in a certain area. All players standing on these blocks will fall into a pit and die. The person who activated the trap will gain 200 points if the Murderer is killed this way, but if an Innocent or the Detective dies this way, the person who activated the trap will receive a 200 point deduction.

Monorail (Hypixel World map): Costs 2 Gold. Can be used to ride a minecart that takes a player to another location in the map.

Roller coaster (Hypixel World map): Costs 2 Gold. Can be used to ride a minecraft that takes a player around the park and back to the same location.

Mystery potion (Library map): Costs 1 Gold. Gives a potion that may inflict Blindness or Slowness for 10 seconds or provide Speed for 20 seconds to the drinker.

Gift to gods (Archives map): Costs 1 Gold. Right click on a hopper at the pyramid or the temple to fire the hoppers. If all 4 hoppers are activated, a secret passage is opened.

Roles Edit

Innocent Edit

Most players are assigned this role. They must survive until the Murderer is killed or runs out of time. Innocents can collect gold, which can be used to buy certain things. Every thirty seconds an Innocent survives, they will gain 150 points. If they shoot the Murderer with a bow and kill him/her, 200 points will be gained.

Detective Edit

The Detective starts off with a bow and has unlimited arrows, unlike Innocent players. However, the bow has a short cooldown time before it can be used again. The Detective will gain 200 points if he/she kills the Murderer, and 100 points for each Innocent that is alive after the Murderer is killed.

Murderer Edit

The Murderer receives a knife. It can be used to kill innocents, either by left clicking when they are within the knife's range or by right clicking and throwing the knife. The Murderer gains 100 points for each Innocent killed, and must kill all of the other players before the time runs out or he/she is shot with a bow.

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