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Network Boosters are a paid feature of Hypixel that allows everybody to gain 3x coins in a minigame they choose for 1 hour. While a booster is active, players can type /tip or click the text in the chat to tip the player who is activating the booster, giving EXP and coins to themselves and the player who used the booster. If there are multiple boosters, they will be queued. A booster can be activated by typing in /booster and selecting the booster. A booster can only be used once before being consumed. Network boosters do not guarantee coins. It is highly unlikely that you will receive no coins from a booster, but it is possible you may not receive as much as other boosters. For example, if your booster activated on a weekend, you'd probably get more coins then if you activate it on a weekday. You can buy network boosters here:


  • Players can use mods to auto tip players as a way to get EXP. Although this mod is not on the approved modifications list, it is considered "use at your own risk" and will not result in a ban.