In Paintball, there are a total of 26 Achievements giving a total of 315 Achievement Points.

Achievements Edit

The 26 Achievements are:

Name Description Points
Painter I Kill 100 players 5
Painter II Kill 1000 players 10
Painter III Kill 10000 players 15
Painter IV Kill 100000 players 20
Painter V Kill 200000 players 25
Paintball Superstar I Win 10 games 5
Paintball Superstar II Win 50 games 10
Paintball Superstar III Win 100 games 15
Paintball Superstar IV Win 1000 games 20
Paintball Superstar V Win 2500 games 25
Paintball Banker I Earn 5000 coins in Paintball 5
Paintball Banker II Earn 10000 coins in Paintball 10
Paintball Banker III Earn 35000 coins in Paintball 15
Paintball Banker IV Earn 55000 coins in Paintball 20
Paintball Banker V Earn 75000 coins in Paintball 25
LEEEEROOYYY Activate Leeroy Jenkins 10
Hacker? Use the Forcefield killstreak twice in a game 5
Bare Bones Win a game without using any killstreaks 10
The Originals Unlock the Hypixel and Rezzus hats 10
Combo Activate TripleShot and Strongarm perks at the same time 10
Unstoppable Activate ten killstreaks 10
The Starter Be the first person to kill someone 5
The Finisher Be the last person to kill someone 5
Mad Hatter Unlock a hat from the shop 5
Team Player Activate PlusTen three times in a game 10
Specialist Unlock ten killstreaks 10

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