Party Games 2 are a part of Arcade Games


Like the other party games, these are split to a pack of minigames too.


Craft the needed items and give them to your foreman! How To Play: The foreman will ask you to build some item like a boat. Then you would have to break the wood blocks on the wooden furniture and then craft it.

Lab EscapeEdit

Dig down to get the cake! How to play: You need to dig down. Easy right. Well nope! You have a Shovel, a axe and a pickaxe what you have to do is use the tool on the right block, Axe on wood, Shovel on sand and pick on stone. Once`s that's done, you reach the cake and win!

Shooting RangeEdit

Shoot the moving targets. How to play: Shoot the targets to win. Skeleton are 1 zombies are 2 and on rare occasions, tnt carrier will come and will give you 3 and will kill nerbay enemies.</p>

Lawn MoowerEdit

Mow as much grass as possible! How to play You ride a cow and you need to break as much grass as possible.

Horse RaceEdit

Race around the track! 3 Laps!


Exterminate your foes and destroy the world!

Pig JoustingEdit

Kill all your opponents

High GroundEdit

Stand at the top of the red platform to gain points!


Bombardment Ship

The Bombardment ship

Survive the Cannon fire and don't be eaten by the squids!

Chicken RingsEdit

Using your move keys, fly through all the rings to achieve victory!


  • There are 10 games, which are played in random order.

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