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"Collect, feed, and play with your favourite pets! Level them up by taking care of them!"

Pets are purely cosmetic mobs that can spawn with you in lobbies. You may feed your pets, and send them on to missions to get experience. It is required that players must be a VIP to spawn their pets in the main lobbies. There are 112 total pets to collect. It has been previously said by admins that they are working to bring pets to housing so non-donors can access their pets.

Common Pets Edit

Name Cost (Mystery Dust) Mystery Box Type
Cow 10 Regular
Chicken 10
Wolf 10
Pig 10
Silverfish TBA
Zombie 12
Cat Black 12
Cat Red 12
Cat Siamese 12
White Sheep TBA
Grey Sheep TBA
Silver Sheep TBA
Horse Brown 15

Rare PetsEdit

Name Cost (Mystery Dust) Mystery Box Type
Zombie (Baby) 30 Regular
Pig (Baby) 30
Cow (Baby) 30
Wolf (Baby) 30
Chicken Baby 30
Cat: Red (Baby) 30
Cat: Black (Baby) 30
Cat: Siamese (Baby) 30
Horse: Brown (Baby) 30
Sheep: White (Baby) 30
Sheep: Gray (Baby) 30
Sheep: Brown (Baby) 30
Sheep: Silver (Baby) 30
Sheep: Orange 20
Sheep: Magenta 20
Sheep: Light Blue 20
Sheep: Yellow 20
Sheep: Lime 20
Sheep: Cyan 20
Sheep: Purple 20
Sheep: Blue 20
Sheep: Green 20
Sheep: Red 20
Villager: Farmer 22
Villager: Librarian 22
Villager: Priest 22
Villager: Blacksmith 22
Villager: Butcher 22
Mule 22
Horse: Creamy 25
Horse: Chestnut 25
Horse: Dark Brown 25
Horse: Gray 25
Donkey 27
Cave Spider 27
Slime (Tiny) 30
Rabbit: Black 22
Rabbit: Brown 22
Rabbit: White 22

Epic PetsEdit

Name Cost (Mystery Dust) Mystery Box Type
Sheep: Pink 55 Regular
Horse: Creamy (Baby) 55
Horse: Chestnut (Baby) 55
Horse: Dark Brown (Baby) 55
Horse: Gray (Baby) 55
Villager: Farmer (Baby) 55
Villager: Librarian (Baby) 55
Villager: Priest (Baby) 52
Villager: Blacksmith (Baby) 55
Villager: Butcher (Baby) 55
Sheep: Orange (Baby) 55
Sheep: Magenta (Baby) 55
Sheep: Light Blue (Baby) 55
Sheep: Yellow (Baby) 55
Sheep: Lime (Baby) 55
Sheep: Cyan (Baby) 55
Sheep: Purple (Baby) 55
Sheep: Blue (Baby) 55
Sheep: Green (Baby) 55
Sheep: Red (Baby) 55
Magma Cube (Tiny) 30
Bat 37
Sheep: Black 40
Spider 42
Horse: White 42
Horse: Black 42
Pig Zombie 50
Skeleton 50
Mooshroom 50
Villager: Zombie 52
Creeper 52
Undead Horse 63
Slime (Small) 63
Magma Cube (Small) 63
Rabbit: Black & White 45
Rabbit: Gold 45
Rabbit: Salt & Pepper 45
Witch N/A Halloween
Green Little Helper N/A Holiday
Red Little Helper N/A

Legendary Pets Edit

Name Cost (Mystery Dust) Mystery Box Type
Mooshroom (Baby) 90

Crafted Mystery Box #1

Pig Zombie (Baby) 85
Sheep: Pink (Baby) 75
Sheep: Black (Baby) 75
Blaze N/A
Powered Creeper N/A
Herobrine N/A
Endermite N/A Crafted Mystery Box #2
Skeleton Horse N/A Halloween
Snowman N/A Holiday
Sheep: Rainbow N/A Summer
Wither Skeleton N/A


Slime (Big) 100 Regular
Magma Cube (Big) 115
Enderman 150
Golem 200

Other PetsEdit

Name Requirements Mystery Box Type
Wild Ocelot VIP+ Not found in Mystery Boxes
Wild Ocelot (Baby) VIP+ Not found in Mystery Boxes
Squid Promotional Offer with MCProHosting Not found in Mystery Boxes

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