Pirate (Fighter, Damage) Edit

Pirate is Hero-type class in Mega Walls. It costs 20000 coins to unlock.

Ability: Cannon fire

EPH: 12

You fire a cannonball that goes through 1-block thick walls, targets a single enemy, and does 5-9 true damage on impact.

Tips: Avoid group fights, your ability is single target!

Passive 1: Angry birds

You summon a parrot every 30-60 seconds. When it gets close to an enemy, it dives and does 2 true damage. Parrot lifetime is 3 minutes. You also can kill parrots by hitting them few times.

Tips: You will easily get stuck in a 1x1 hole, because some parrots are bugged and cannot be killed...

Passive 2: Sea legs

When you drop under 14-18hp, you'll gain speed 2 for 15 seconds.

Tip: Use it to strafe, run away or bait.

Kit at max level:

Iron sword Potion of regeneration 3 (9 seconds) x2 Steak x3 Diamond helmet (Protection 1) Diamond boots (Protection 1)

Gathering talent: High steaks

When you kill an enemy, you have 20-100% change to get steak. 2 steaks on final kill.

Tips: If you defend or killfarm, you earn lots of steaks.

General information about pirate.

Pirate is really strong class if it's used correctly. Pirates can 1v1 every class, but you can overwhelm pirate by going with team, because ability does heavy damage, but on single target. Also pirate has regeneration potions and is semi-tanky class. Sea legs is very useful passive, to combo enemies or just get away from battle.