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Prototype Lobby Hype, or shortly "hype points" or "hype diamonds", are a type of points that you collect playing minigames in the Prototype Lobby that are not yet released. You can then "donate" some hype points to a Prototype Minigame. The more hype points are donated to a certain minigame, the more the Prototype Minigame Hyper Bar gets filled. If the bar is full, the game will be released*.

The in-game item for hype points are diamonds.

You cannot get hype points from released games.

How to donate hype points Edit

To donate the hype points to a certain minigame you first need to be in the prototype lobby. Then, click the diamond item in the hotbar. Select the minigame you want to donate the hype points and finally choose which amount to donate.


The in-game GUI menu for donating hype points. You can donate 5, 10, 20, 50 or all the hype points you've collected. (click for full resolution)