"Don't be fooled by this puppy's cuteness! The last thing Pug wants is a belly rub!

Abilities Edit

Bite Edit

Dash forward 3 blocks in the direction you're looking. Anybody hit by this attack takes 8 damage.

Sonic Bark Edit

Shoots out a slow-moving cone of notes from the pug in the direction you're facing. It deals large knockback and 12 damage. Cooldown is lowered by an unknown amount during its smash. Mix this ability with Bite and you will deal lots of damage.

Intruders! Edit

Three baby pugs are spawned. They chase players and shoot Sonic Barks. These barks deal 3 damage but have the same knockback as the main Pug's Sonic Bark, making them excellent for knockback kills. Lasts 13 seconds. Sonic Bark has reduced cooldown for the duration of this invasion.

Pounce Edit

Sneak to charge up. On release, you're launched in the direction you're facing. It instantly consumes 30 energy. After pouncing, your Bite gains damage for 3 seconds, at a rate of 1 damage per 10 energy consumed.

Trivia Edit

  • Obviously, is a pug.