Pyromancer (Mage) Edit

  • Health: 4000
  • Energy: 100
  • Energy Regen: +10/sec
  • Energy On-Hit: +10
  • Damage: +10%

Simply put, the Pyromancer is a Glass Canon. With one of the lowest starting health of all the specializations (tied for last with the Aquamancer and Thunderlord), the Pyromancer cannot stand toe to toe with the better-armored and better equipped Paladin and Warrior specializations. Instead, the class tends to lend itself better to fighting from behind the lines of the more tanky warrior and paladin specializations, raining hellfire down on your foes with Fireballs and Flame Bursts. If you are forced into melee however, you can temporarily transform yourself into a weak swordsman by creating a shield of magic to absorb damage and wreathing your blade (or mace or axe or spear) in molten metal. And when that inevitably fails, you can always run away with a time warp.

Fireball Edit

  • Energy Cost: 35
  • Crit. Chance: 15%
  • Crit. Multiplier: 150%
  • Base Damage: 279-377 (See Description)

The Pyromancer's first skill is true to it's role as a glass cannon. At the cost of 35 energy per bolt, you launch a bolt of flame that deals 297 - 377 base damage to all enemies in a 2 block radius around the point of impact. Additionally, the bolt does an extra 30% to the player it hits directly, as the flames are more intense around the core of the blast. This bolt of energy is also quite useful for knocking fleeing opponents off their horses. Due to this skill not having any cooldown, a quick volley of three can easily net you ~1000 damage, bringing most other classes down to your level.

Flame Burst Edit

  • Cooldown: 16 Seconds
  • Energy Cost: 30
  • Crit. Chance: 15% (See Description)
  • Crit. Multiplier: 150%
  • Base Damage: 557-753

If Fireball is a cannon, then Flame burst is a mini nuke. The Pyromancer's second skill does roughly twice the damage of the first and does even more damage from afar. While it does lack Fireball's +30% direct hit bonus, it makes up for it when a good distance away as it gains a +1% critical strike chance for every block traveled. Thus, a nearby battle will give it a 25% chance of criting, where as a long distance spawn-to-spawn shot will almost guarantee a shot three times the power of fireball. whilst this attack does cost five less energy than Fireball, it has a short cooldown time before you can unleash hellfire again.

Time Warp Edit

  • Cooldown: 50 Seconds
  • Energy Cost: 15

The third Pyromancer skill is shared with the other two Mage specializations. The skill allows the player to place a rune on the ground which after five seconds the caster will return to and regain 20% of their max health. This spell is usefull in two situations: The first is when the caster is fleeing combat and is being pursued. Casting the rune allows the Pyromancer to teleport back behind his pursuers and run in another direction. The second is simply you took a little flak from a nearby battle and need to take a moment to grab a boost before returning to the fray. Either way, the skill essentially acts a get-out-of-jail-free card if used properly. But be warned: the rune left behind is rather obvious and a smart opponent will camp the rune to pick up an easy kill upon your return. Use the skill wisely.

Arcane Shield Edit

  • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
  • Energy Cost: 20

The Pyromancer's forth skill is also shared by the other Mage specializations. The skill creates a magical barrier that will absorb up to 30% of your max health in damage. The effect ends after six seconds or after the sheild has reached its damage capacity, whichever comes first. This skill essentially gives you more health for when you enter the fray or when running away from it.

Inferno Edit

  • Cooldown: 60 Seconds

The Pyromancer's ultimate skill gives him a massive damage boost, increasing his critical strike chance by 25% and his crit multiplier by 50% for his Melee, Fireball and Flame Blast skills. Useful when in a pinch or when finishing of a not-so-weakened foe.


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