There are 80 Achievements in Quakecraft, giving a total of 820 Achievement Points.

Achievements Edit

Name Description Points
MLG I Kill 100 players 5
MLG II Kill 1000 players 10
MLG III Kill 10000 players 15
MLG IV Kill 50000 players 20
MLG V Kill 100000 players 25
Winner I Win 10 games 5
Winner II Win 50 games 10
Winner III Win 100 games 15
Winner IV Win 1000 games 20
Winner V Win 2000 games 25
Killing Spree Madness I Get 25 killing sprees 5
Killing Spree Madness II Get 50 killing sprees 10
Killing Spree Madness III Get 100 killing sprees 15
Killing Spree Madness IV Get 150 killing sprees 20
Killing Spree Madness V Get 250 killing sprees 25
Accuracy I Get 50 Headshots 5
Accuracy II Get 250 Headshots 10
Accuracy III Get 1000 Headshots 15
Accuracy IV Get 5000 Headshots 20
Accuracy V Get 15000 Headshots 25
Weapon Arsenal I Win a game with 3 different guns 5
Weapon Arsenal II Win a game with 5 different guns 10
Weapon Arsenal III Win a game with 10 different guns 15
Weapon Arsenal IV Win a game with 15 different guns 20
Weapon Arsenal V Win a game with 20 different guns 25
God walking among mere mortals I Get 3 godlikes 5
God walking among mere mortals II Get 10 godlikes 10
God walking among mere mortals III Get 25 godlikes 15
God walking among mere mortals IV Get 50 godlikes 20
God walking among mere mortals V Get 75 godlikes 25
Quake Banker I Earn 5,000 coins 5
Quake Banker II Earn 25,000 coins 10
Quake Banker III Earn 100,000 coins 15
Quake Banker IV Earn 200,000 coins 20
Quake Banker V Earn 500,000 coins 25
Going up in life Win using the Superior Railgun 5
Diamonds to you! Win using the Creeper Railgun 5
B.O.G.O.F. Get a double kill 5
I did it my way Customise your Railgun 5
Heart Stopper Get a triple kill in Quake 10
Simple Things Win using the Basic Railgun 5
Not working Punch a player 5
My precioussss Win using the BFG 5
Team Player Win a team game 5
Are you a frog? Dash 75 times in one game 10
One in the Chamber Win using the 9.0s trigger 15
Calm down Shut down someone while Dominating 5
Doubling up Be the first to 10 kills in Quake 5
R. I. P. Win a game using The Reaper 10
Joined the dark side Win a game using the Gun of Darkness 5
Humiliation Kill the same person 4 times in a row 10
Fanatic! Win using the Budder Slapper 5
I only use Apple sorry Win a game using the Apple Corer 5
Show me the money! Unlock the Polished Bling Case or the 1.0s trigger 15
Oh baby, a triple! Get 3 headshot kills with one shot 10
Platinum Plated Win a game using the Platinum Smelter 5
Grab it all Win a game using The Harvester 5
Looking Fancy Unlock your first hat 5
Incredible Kill 10 players without missing a shot 10
Good Guy Gamer Say GG at the end of a game 5
Buffing Up Unlock your first armor set 5
Untouchable Kill 15 players without dying 10
You've only got one shot... So make it count Get 3 double kills in one game 5
First kill Be the first person to kill someone 5
wat Win a game using Le Bizarre 5
Redstoner Win a game using the Redstoner 5
It's too Shiny! Win using the Hyper Beam Railgun 5
You're in my way! Shutdown someone while on a killing streak yourself 5
Perfectionist Do at least 4 killing sprees in 1 game 5
How did that happen? Win a Solo game with 26 or more kills 15
I believe I can fly Get a kill while falling down 10
Lookin' good! Win a game using the Fabled Railgun 5
Bubbly, isn't it? Win a game using the Blue Lagoon 5
Billy Talent Win using a custom Railgun 5
Presidential! Win using the Bling Bling Thing 5
Want a wardrobe with that? Unlock at least 13 cosmetic items 5
Perfection Win Quakecraft without dying 5
Baking a dozen Win by 12 kills in Quake 5
What have I done... Gib a staff member 5

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