All of the following ranks can be purchased in the Hypixel store, and are lifetime once purchased. Each rank unlocks various cosmetic features and in-game features. Once you have purchased a rank in the Hypixel store you can simply upgrade your rank without having to pay for the full costs.

Ranks in Server Store

  • [VIP] chat prefix
  • /fw command (launches fireworks in lobbies, 15s cooldown)
  • 1 exclusive gadget
  • Ability to open 4-star Mystery Boxes
  • Cosmetic VIP features
  • VIP+
    • [VIP+] chat prefix ('+' is gold colored)
    • VIP features
    • Ability to create Guilds
    • Wolf pet
    • 50% discount on Housing upgrades for credits
    • Cosmetic VIP+ features
  • MVP
    • [MVP] chat prefix
    • VIP+ features
    • 7 exclusive gadgets (8 total)
    • Ability to open 5-star Mystery Boxes
    • Cosmetic MVP features
    • And other awesome cool stuff
  • MVP+
    • [MVP+] chat prefix ('+' colour varies based on level. Default: red)
    • MVP features
    • Particle pack
    • Ability to ride & fly pets
    • Ability to punch staff
    • 7 exclusive gadgets (15 total)
    • 75% discount on Housing upgrades for credits
    • /rankcolor
    • Cosmetic MVP+ features
    • Unlimited uses of the SkyWars map selector
    • An option to auto-accept quests when entering game lobbies.
    • Unlimited uses of the Murder Mystery map selector
    • Unlimited uses of the Bedwars map selector

Build Team Edit

  • Build Team
    • [BUILD TEAM] chat prefix
    • chat prefix
    • Members of the Hypixel Build Team
    • The Build Team builds the maps that you see on Hypixel! 

Staff Edit

  • Helper
    • [HELPER] chat prefix.
    • Focuses on helping and monitoring the chat.
    • More info
  • Moderator
    • [MOD] chat prefix
    • Deals with rule breakers and helps players. Can be part of a team, such as applications, appeals or forums.
    • More info
  • Administrator
    • [ADMIN] chat prefix
    • colour)
    • Focus on the ''upkeep''' of the Hypixel server, most administrators are plugin developers, artists, or 3D design artists
    • More info
  • Owner (Custom Tag) 
    • [OWNER] chat prefix
    • Founders of the Hypixel network
    • As of now, the only two people to have this rank are Hypixel and Rezzus
    • Not a rank, just admin with an Owner tag

Special Edit

  • Youtube
    • [YT] chat prefix
    • You can find a video on all features youtubers have by clicking HERE
    • Receiving the Youtuber rank by recording was possibly decided by the Hypixel administrators; JamieTheGeek, Hypixel or NoxyD
  • Mojang
    • [MOJANG] chat prefix
    • Base rank is Youtube
    • Given to members who work at Mojang
  • MCProHosting
    • [MCProHosting] chat prefix
    • Base rank is Helper
    • Given to members who work at MCProHosting
  • Beam
    • [BEAM] Chat prefix (BuiltTeam Blue)
    • Base rank is unknown
    • Given to members who work at Beam, owing to Hypixel's partnership with them.
  • Sloth
    • [SLOTH] chat prefix (Red)
    • Base rank is Administrator
    • Cannot be obtained
    • The only current user to have the Sloth rank is SlothPixel

Removed Ranks Edit

  • [JR Helper] chat prefix (Dark Blue)
    • Focused on helping players. This rank was used temporarily to give people who don't meet the age requirement a chance to help out during summer and winter holidays. The Junior Helper program has not since been repeated and is confirmed by many staff members to unlikely be repeated due to issues caused by younger staff.
  • [BUILD TEAM+] chat prefix (Cyan "Build Team") (Red "+")
    • Administrators and managers of the Build Team were given the Build Team+ rank. This rank no longer exists as they changed the team, new admins now get Admin rank. Olá
  • [ANGUS] chat prefix (Red)
    • This rank was given to the player PreparedAngus as a personal tag. This player no longer has this rank, the reason for that is unknown.
  • [APPLE] chat prefix (orange)
    • This rank was given to the player MonsieurApple for his hard dedication towards the server. This player no longer has this rank, the reason for that is unknown. This tag is completely unrelated to the Apple‎ company.
  • [SPECIAL] chat prefix (grey)
    • This was temporarily awarded to a player of the network for a short period of time. Was eventually removed after a couple of days. Had same underlying perks as the [YT] rank.
  • [RETIRED] chat prefix (red)
    • Assigned to xFabiinho during the time from which he left the Hypixel team. Had the same perms as the [ADMIN] rank.

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