"Shoop is capable of emitting light from his oral cavity through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. In other words... HE CAN SHOOT LASERS OUT OF HIS MOUTH!"

Abilities Edit

Lazor Edit

Fires a small lightning bolt at an enemy, dealing 1.5 damage and above average knockback. It also has a 0.3 second recharge time, allowing for users to spam effectively.

Charged Lazor Edit

Hitting someone with a lazor charges the charged lazor, each lazor hit allowing the charged lazor to deal more damage, max charges of 5. A full 5 charges deals 18 damage.

FIRIN MAH LAZOR (Smash Ability) Edit

The smash ability, Shoop declares that he is "FIRIN MAH LAZOR" and then emits a massive purple beam that rockets across any map, dealing 18 damage per hit and devastating knockback.

Ride the Lightning Edit

Costing 80 energy, crouching will let the Shoop "ride his Lazor" up to 50 blocks away, press sneak to stop the flight. Anyone who makes contact with that lazor will take 5 damage. All momentum disappears upon RTL stopping.

Tips and Tricks Edit

Be constantly using your right click ability. You can use charged lazors by two very well tactics: Waiting for a 5-Level charged lazor and firing them to enemies, or use your right click ability using constantly the charged lazor too (Like 1 or 2-Level charges lazor, for example). When you have your smash ability ready, prepare it and fire when you are ready and you have the player in your Target looker. Be careful with your passive. Use it if you are going to fall or if you are targeted by most players. You can use your passive, for example, flying up and in the sky,and then fire the smash ability. Fire your lazors in a good distance.

In my opinion, shoop is the most knockback character in smash heroes, and the most targeter. The bad thing of the shoop is that he can be vulnerable to ranged heroes, and classes like Void Crawler or Pug can do a ton of damage on shoop.

Trivia Edit

  • Shoop is commonly perceived to be one of the most powerful heroes in the game due to his absurd knockback. However, his lack of damage compared to other heroes makes him heavily knockback reliant, so heroes with good recovery can easily destroy Shoop.
  • Because of Shoop's knockback and general annoyingness, he is usually targeted by most people.