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"This fast paced brutal minigame is based off Skywars and brings a unique PvP experience. Create your own classes by collecting kits and cards, find the perfect setup for your playstyle."

Maps Edit

Solo/Doubles Edit

  • Arellith
  • Luxuriant
  • Glade
  • Egypt
  • Ocean Side
  • Lowland
  • Moonglade
  • Haven

Team War Edit

Modes Edit

Solo Edit

Doubles Edit

Team War Edit

Cards Edit

Cards can be obtained by opening Card Packs. Each Card Pack contains three cards.

Card Types Edit

Tier 1 Cards Edit

Card Description
Bigger Bangs X% chance to increase the power of any explosion triggered by yourself.​
Blast Protection Fire and explosion damage you take is reduced by X%.
Creeper Start a game with a Creeper Egg; damage: X, health: X HP.
Damage Potion X% chance to find an Extra Splash Potion of Harming in closed chests.
Elven Archer Get Xs of Speed 2 on Bow hits.​
Endless Quiver Recieve an arrow every Xs.
Fruit Finder X% chance to find an extra Golden Apple in closed chests.
Hit and Run Gain Speed II for Xs when you get a kill.
Marksman Arrows deal up to X% more damage when shot from more than 20 blocks away.
Pacify You take X% less damage from monsters.
Pearl Absorption Gain Absorption I for Xs after throing an Ender Pearl.
Resistant Gain Resistance I for 30s when the game starts.
Sugar Rush Gain Speed II for Xs when you eat a Golden Apple.
Void Magnet X% chance to increase your weapon's Knockback or Punch level when you get a void kill.

Tier 2 Cards Edit

Card Description
Alchemy Increases the effectiveness or duration of your potions by X%.
Bat Shield Spawn with 3 bats flying around you that intercept enemy arrows, bats respawn every Xs.​
Blazing Arrows The arrows you shoot have a X% chance to set enemies on fire.
Energy Drink Spawn with a potion that gives Speed III and Jump II for Xs.
Guardian Start the game with a Guardian Egg. Floop; damage: X, health: X HP.
Hearty Start Gain Absorption I for Xs when the game starts.
Honed Bow X% chance to increase your bow's Power level when you get a bow kill.
Invisibility Gain Invisibility for Xs when the game starts. Your armor will be invisible to enemies.
Mushroom Aura Randomly spawn mushrooms around you every Xs, those can heal you or poison your enemies!​
Regeneration Gain Regeneration I for Xs when you get a kill.
Sharpened Sword X% chance to increase your sword's Sharpness when you get a kill.
Skeleton Jockey Start the game with a Skeleton Jockey Egg; damage: X.
Snow Golem Start the game with a Snow Golem Egg; fire delay: Xs, health: X HP.
Supply Drop Start the game with an armor supply chest that drops from the sky; fall time: Xs.

Tier 3 Cards Edit

Card Description
Arrow Deflection Reduces the amount of damage you take from arrows by X%.
Chicken Bow Start the game with a bow that shoots Chicken Jockeys. Breaks after a few shots; health: X HP, uses: X.
Enderman Start the game with an Enderman Egg; damage: X, health: X HP.
Explosive Bow Start the game with a bow that shoots explosive arrows. Breaks after a few shots; uses: X.
Flower Power You have X% chances to find a flower in chests. Flowers have strange effects.​
Headstart Gain Speed II for Xs when the game starts.
Iron Golem Start the game with an Iron Golem Egg; health: X HP.
Nuclear Solution Activate an Ender Eye to launch a tactical nuke at your current location. The power of the explosion increases with levels.​
Nutritious Increases the amount of health regnerated when you eat a Golden Apple by X%.
Rampage Each enemy kill, you gain +1 Strength level for Xs.
Triple Shot For Xs after you get a kill, you will shoot 3 arrows at a time.
Winged Boots Start the game with a pair of boots that grant Feather Falling and Jump Boots; uses: X.
Witch Start the game with a Witch Egg; fire delay: Xs.
Void Warranty When you get a void kill, you have a X% chance to gain an Ender Pearl.

Challenge Cards Edit

Card Description
Archer Challenge You gain permanent speed 1, but also weakness 25.​
No Chest Challenge You gain permanent Resistance I, but you can't open any chest.​
UHC Challenge You have 50% chance to find a Golden Apple in chests, however your health does not regenerate.​

Kits Edit

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Find new cards and upgrade them at the Witch Stand in the lobby.
  • Use the Card Wall in the lobby to change and create new classes.
  • Move around the map very fast, almost all jumps are possible.
  • There are Enderchests near the center of the map containing very powerful items. And also completes a challenge

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