Name Description Points
Powerspike! Open an Enderchest 5
What's next? Max out a Card 10
Boo! Get a kill within 3 seconds of using an Ender Pearl 10
This is my playstyle! Use the Class Editor for the first time 5
Assassination Kill someone while you're invisible 5
I'm an even better Wizard! Kill 2 or more players with one Fireball 10
Kill Secured Get a killing blow on a player over 50 blocks away 5
The Golden One Find the entire El Dorado set while playing with the Treasure Hunter kit 10
Happy little achievement Kill a player using a Painting or a Happy Little Tree 5
UHC Challenge Win a Solo game using the UHC Challenge Card 10
I'm a Wizard! Find a Fireball and use it 5
I trained it well! Kill someone with your own Ender Dragon 10
Lightweight feather Win a game with the Winged Boots equipped 5
Rest in Pepperoni Kill 3 players in the same game with The Spoon 5
Heroic Charge Kill a whole team by yourself in Team War 10
No Chest Challenge Win a Solo game using the No Chest Challenge Card 10
Bad Karma Get a kill after you died 5
SkyClash Expert Get 100 kills with 5 different kits 5
Endless Quiver Shoot a total of 10,000 arrows 5
I made some people mad Throw 1000 players in the void 10
An Kill Kill an enemy with a falling Anvil 10
New Passive! Master a Kit 10
Is this Skymon Go? Win a game with 3 different Monster Cards in your Class 5
Sharpened Justice Find a Sharpeness II Sword of Justice in a chest 5
Addicted Purchase your first Card Pack 5
Archer Challenge Win a Solo game using the Archer Challenge Card 10
Rusher Be the first person to open an Ender Chest in a game 5
K-k-k-kawaii!! Find the Cute Pants 10 times 10
I am Greatman! Wear a full set of Greatman's armor 10
God of monsters Spawn a total of 1,000 mobs 5
Stay where you are! Kill a player while they are on their starting island 5
Maximum Power Create a Class with fully maxed Cards and Kit 15
Are you crazy? Knock off 5 or more players in a single game 5
Dream Team Win a Team War game with all teammates alive 5
Disallowed alchemy Win a game without using any kind of potion 10
Flying! Knock someone into the void using the One Punch Bow 5
Where did you find that? Eat an Enchanted Golden Apple 5

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