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The SkyWars Laboratory is a collection of highly experimental super fun modes all based on the original SkyWars, but with crazy new mechanics.

Modes Edit

Lab npc

SkyWars Laboratory NPC

TNT Madness Edit

You asked us to fix TNT jumping, so we went one step further. In this mode there is no explosion damage and we've added different types of custom TNT you can use to launch yourself (and others) around the map. Destroyed blocks will drop even more TNT.

Rush Edit

A very fast-paced game. Spawn island chests contain Enderpearls which can be used to travel quickly, but when thrown you will physically ride the pearl and can be damaged. Very quick, very fun.

Slime Edit

In Slime mode, players can find a large number of knockback-focused items. All players also have a double-jump ability allowing you to jump whilst in the air, helping you recover better.  

Lucky Blocks  

In Lucky Block modes, there would be lucky blocks in chests. There are different type of lucky blocks giving players different items.    

Hunters and Beasts    

In Hunters and beast mode, the game consists of 12 players (10 hunters, 2 beasts). Hunters must kill Beasts and Hunters must kill Beasts.    

Removed Modes Edit

Floor is Lava Edit

Any blocks stepped on will start to break slowly and turn into lava. As the game progresses, blocks break even faster, meaning you have to constantly move to stay alive. Iron blocks (and other tough blocks) break slower, so loot quickly and use these to your advantage.  

Kill by Color Edit

All players have different colored armor, and start with different colored dyes in their hotbar. You can only damage an armor color by hitting that player with the dye of the same color e.g Red Dye can damage Red Armor. Pick up more armor to survive longer, and swap your dyes quickly to deal the most damage!

Blizzard Edit

A huge snow storm has drifted through the map! Collect and throw snowballs at other players to damage them or knock them off the map. And if you stay on your spawn island for too long, destructive snowballs will destroy your island!